Urbanears Announces Two Pairs Of Truly Wireless Earbuds Below $100

Urbanears True Wireless Earbuds

Urbanears is releasing a couple pairs of truly wireless earbuds soon, called the Luma, and Alby, and both will be available for under $100 once they launch.

Both pairs of the truly wireless earbuds from Urbanears will come with mostly the same features. But they will also have at least one unique feature, which prompts the slightly different price points.

Urbanears is launching these new earbuds in four different colors. Both the Luma and Alby will be available in Charcoal Black, Teal Green, Dusty White, and Ultra Violet options. Sticking true to a common trait with Urbanears from some of its past offerings. Which is making its products available in numerous fun colors.


Urbanears will release both pairs of truly wireless earbuds this Summer

True wireless earbuds aren't in short supply. In fact there's tons of options already available on the market. If you want to get your hands on these particular pairs though, you'll have to wait till this Summer.

When this Summer is still unknown. Urbanears hasn't given a hard date so it could be anywhere between June and the end of August. It's likely closer to the former though.

Once they launch, you can pick up either pair online from various retailers including the Urbanears website, and probably other retailers like Amazon.  Urbanears says they'll be available in-store as well. The Luma will retail for $99, while the Alby will retail for $69.

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One features longer battery life while the other comes with passive noise cancellation

The Luma and the Alby were both designed to look almost identical and come with mostly the same feature set. There are a couple of differences though.

For instance, longer battery life. The Luma will have up to 25 hours of battery life. That's broken down to five total charges at up to five hours in each charge. You'll get one five-hour set with the initial charge, and then four additional charges from the included case.

Meanwhile the Alby will deliver up to 15 hours of battery life spread across five charges. Which means you get up to three hours on each charge. A battery life which is more in line with Google's new Pixel Buds.


The Luma also come with sensors that know when you put them in and take them out of your ears. So they can start and stop playback.

You won't get that with the Alby, but you do get passive noise cancellation and included silicone ear tips. So they might be a little bit more comfortable if you have sensitive ears. Both are water resistant, and should offer clear sound for both music and phone calls.