Ubisoft Says Its Devs Are Using Stadia For Testing Games At Home

Stadia controller

Stadia is being used by Ubisoft developers for testing the company’s games while working from home.

This is according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. Who recently spoke with Twinfinite about various topics regarding the studio’s current and upcoming games.

When asked about Stadia in general and the state of Ubisoft games on the platform, Guillemot says that he thinks things are “going well,” and that “things are moving.” This doesn’t really elaborate much on what that necessarily means in conjunction with future Ubisoft games on Stadia.


Ubisoft has however been pretty outspoken in favor of Stadia since the beginning. It’s also made a relatively strong push onto the platform with a collective of its games. So it shouldn’t much of a surprise that Ubisoft developers which are working from home are using Stadia for testing games when needed.

Or that more Ubisoft games (like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla) will be releasing in Stadia in the future.

Ubisoft using Stadia for testing games is a good sign

While more and more people are working from home these days, things still need to get done as quickly as they can.


For devs at Ubisoft this means using whatever tools are at their disposal. In this case, that’s Stadia. Guillemot never says that Stadia is the company’s only platform where games are being tested. But the fact that it’s being used at all is a good sign.

Not just for Google. But also for the future of Stadia and the users who enjoy it. If the developers are able to get work done through Stadia, then things are definitely going well enough. If not better than some expected.

“Cloud is coming at a normal speed”

Guillemot doesn’t just offer up details on the work from home setups of Ubisoft’s developers.


He also touches on the nature of cloud gaming in general. Noting that “cloud is coming at a normal speed.” Guillemot believes that cloud gaming is an inevitable thing that will eventually be much more mainstream. It’ll just take a little time to get there.

Based on his belief, it’s entirely possible and likely that there could be a noticeable increase in users who subscribe to and actively use a cloud gaming platform. Whether that be Stadia, GeForce NOW, Shadow, xCloud, or something else.

Guillemot further states that this is a long-term trend. And that the way things are going now will lead cloud gaming changing the industry. This echos much of what’s been said by others involved in creating these experiences over the past year.


One one final note, Guillemot believes that more brands will be attracted to cloud gaming by the end of the year as well. That could mean players will see more big studios lining up to bring their games to platforms like Stadia.