The OnePlus 8 Is The First Phone To Support 90fps In Fortnite

Fortnite OnePlus 8

You might not immediately think of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro as gaming phones, but that's likely about to change with them now supporting 90fps gameplay in Fortnite.

Not because it's possible, but because the OnePlus 8 series are the first phones to support this. That being said, the feature will no doubt make its way to other phones in due time. A handful of other devices offer the ability to turn things up to a 90Hz refresh rate.

The ROG Phone II, the Razer Phone 2, and the Red magic 5G are all examples. For now though, OnePlus 8 owners who play Fortnite on mobile will be only ones to enjoy this higher refresh rate in the game.


You can't play Fortnite at 90fps on the OnePlus 8 just yet

Eager to get the higher refresh rate in the game right away? Well soon you'll be in luck if you have one of the OnePlus 8 models because the higher refresh rate is being added into the game soon.

It may require an update, but that's a small price to pay for a somewhat smoother gameplay experience. Also worth keeping in mind is that this will not translate to higher resolution graphics.

The fidelity will still be the same as whatever you have set it as prior to the higher refresh rate being added in. Right now it doesn't look like there's an exact date for this rolling out.

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This was an exclusive partnership between Epic and OnePlus

You might wonder why Epic chose the OnePlus 8 series for supporting this higher refresh rate. And the answer is simple.

It was an exclusive partnership between Epic and OnePlus. It wasn't because the OnePlus 8 series is any better equipped than high-powered gaming phones to handle the 90fps. Because a number of phones could do the job.

Rather the two companies worked together to enable it. And according to OnePlus who spoke to GameSpot about it, the higher refresh rate was optimized specifically for the OnePlus 8 series.


The 90fps on the new phone is a specific build meant just for it. And Epic may very well be working on a build that is optimized for any phone that has a higher refresh rate display. Or it may be working those brands to support their own specific builds.

The key takeaway is that you might want to consider the OnePlus 8 as a new device. If you play a lot of Fortnite on your phone as opposed to other platforms.