The Mafia Trilogy Is Being Remastered And It's Coming To Stadia

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It looks like the Mafia Trilogy is being remastered and Stadia will be included in the list of available platforms. According to the game's teaser trailer that was posted on May 13.

Interestingly enough, neither the teaser posted on the Twitter page or on the official YouTube channel for the game show the Stadia logo. But a string of teaser videos on the game's official Facebook page do.

This confirms that Stadia will be an included platform where gamers can play the trilogy. What isn't confirmed is when the Mafia Trilogy Remastered will launch on Stadia. Or any other platform for that matter.


2K may announce the Stadia launch date for the Mafia Trilogy Remastered next week

Teaser trailers are just that, teasers. They aren't meant to reveal much information that people can sink their teeth into.

That being said, along with the teaser 2K has shared that it will be making an announcement about the remastered trilogy on May 19. Chances are this will be when the launch date is announced for Stadia and other platforms.

In addition to Stadia, the remastered trilogy will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Game Store and Steam. Whether it launches on all platforms simultaneously is uncertain.

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And if it doesn't launch on Stadia at the same time as other platforms it wouldn't be the first time. Anyone interested though will find out more next Tuesday. Specifically at 9AM PST when the announcement will go live.

Many more games are on the way

The Mafia Trilogy is the latest set of games that have been confirmed for Stadia, but many more are coming.

Just in the last couple of weeks a handful of titles have been announced officially for the platform. DIRT 5, Jotun, Sundered, and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla have all been confirmed as getting a release on Stadia. And two of those are new unreleased titles.


While Stadia had a very slow start in terms of games when it launched in 2019, as well as in the beginning of the year, things are ramping up. As the year goes on Google is announcing more and more games. And the announcements appear to be happening more frequently.

This is a good thing for Stadia as a platform and for the users. Because it showcases that Google may finally be getting into a more consistent swing of things. If you're excited for the Mafia Trilogy, make sure to catch the announcement next week.