Test Your Beer Knowledge With Hoppy Over Memorial Day Weekend


It's Memorial Day weekend which means you have three days ahead of you to relax and enjoy some extra free time, so why not test your beer knowledge with Hoppy?

Whether you drink beer more often or only on occasion, learning about beer can be a fun experience, and Memorial Day weekend is just as good of a time as any to set some time aside to do just that.

So what's Hoppy? It's an app and web site that basically gamify the learning experience about beer. You can read about different beer-related trivia and then take quizzes to see how much information you retained. At least that's the gist of it.


Increase your beer knowledge this Memorial Day weekend with Hoppy trivia

Whether you already feel like a self-proclaimed beer master or you're just starting out with it, Hoppy can be a fun experience.

You can learn the trivia and then take quizzes either on your smartphone or on the web, which makes it super accessible. In Hoppy there are numerous categories of different beer facts. And after reading through each main category you'll get to take a quiz.

The point of the quizzes is to earn badges while learning more about beer, one of the world's oldest alcoholic beverages that's been enjoyed by people globally for centuries. You do have to complete each quiz and get all the answers correct to earn the badge for that particular category.


But, if you answer anything incorrectly the question will just resurface and you can answer it again. Basically there's no way to not complete the quiz and get the badge.

There's also a daily challenge that asks you five questions, and you have to answer all five correctly to complete the challenge. The difference with the challenge is that if you miss any questions, you will not get points for that question and you won't complete the challenge. You can however retake it until you get all of the questions right.

Earn beer coins and climb the leaderboard

You'll earn beer coins for really anything you do in Hoppy. Completing the daily challenge, passing quizzes, it all earns you beer coins.


You can't spend these on anything. They're merely used to measure you ranking on the leaderboard. So they're sort of like badges in that it's more of a collection and bragging rights aspect.

As for the leaderboard itself, rankings are global. And seem to change pretty frequently based on how many are participating in the trivia and such each day/week. There's also beer facts to look out for listed as Fun Facts, and they sit just below your beer coins number.

If you're into beer and want to learn more about it, or if you know a lot already and want to show off your knowledge, Hoppy is a great (and fun) way to do so.