Stadia Users Finally Get Access To DOOM 64


A little more than a month later Stadia users are finally getting access to DOOM 64. The Nintendo 64 version of DOOM was a bonus perk for those that pre-ordered DOOM Eternal on other platforms.

It was confirmed that it would be available for Stadia some time before the launch. But it was never confirmed to be included with the purchase of DOOM Eternal from the day of the game's release.

So players would simply have to wait for DOOM 64 to show up for their Stadia account. The wait is now over and anyone that purchased DOOM Eternal before April 3 will get DOOM 64 at no charge.


DOOM 64 on Stadia costs $4.99

Early DOOM Eternal buyers may be getting the Nintendo 64 version of the game for free. And that's certainly a nice little perk.

If however you bought DOOM Eternal after April 3 or you just didn't buy it at all, you can still grab DOOM 64 for the relatively low, low price of $4.99. All things considered, this is a pretty good price to pay for some nostalgia.

If you grew up with or around a Nintendo 64, you may have played DOOM on that platform. And having it readily at your fingertips on Stadia is likely to be a wonderful thing.

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Getting DOOM 64 for free won't just happen. What you'll need to do if you made the DOOM Eternal purchase early enough is watch your email. Google will eventually send out an email to eligible Stadia users with the game code.

Simply use that game code to retrieve your free copy of DOOM 64.

There's new Stadia Pro deals this week too

DOOM 64 is available at a nice price for anyone that doesn't get it for free. That being said there are new Stadia Pro deals to take advantage of too.


There are of course a handful of deals that are sticking around from last week. Such as the prices on Assassin's Creed Odyssey and all the PUBG add-ons. New deals though include NBA 2K20 for $19.80, $24, and $25 for the Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Legend Editions respectively.

Mortal Kombat 11 is also now half off and will be available for $30, Meanwhile The Crew 2 is available for $15 for the Standard Edition, $18 for the Deluxe Edition, or $27 for the Gold Edition. The season pass for The Crew 2 is also on sale at a price of $20.

As a reminder, if you have DOOM Eternal and you've yet to to claim your Twitch Prime loot for it, make sure you do so as you get some cool stuff. There's more arriving at the end of this month too.