Stadia Embr Review: A Wonderful, Zany Take On The Gig Economy

Stadia Embr Review

Embr is a brand-new game that releases on Stadia tomorrow and I've had the past few days to review the game prior to its launch.

While Stadia could still do well to gain a few AAA game titles like DOOM Eternal, there's something to be said about the indie games that are being launched on the platform. After spending some time with Embr, it's very clear that it's a game worth considering for your own Stadia library.

In Embr, you're a gig economy worker that saves lives. Just as Uber allows everyday people to ferry passengers from place to place, Embr workers have the ability to accept jobs to save people from burning buildings.


It's a rather interesting take on a game about firefighters and quite honestly, it's a lot of fun. It's also topical seeing as how more and more industries have enlisted the gig economy workforce.

Embr is a Stadia game that everyone should review for themselves

If you want to review Embr on Stadia for yourself, that is, see what it's like, it's highly recommended that you buy it. At first I wasn't sure what to expect after watching the trailer for the first time.

After all it's not typically the game that I would play. I decided to dive right in though and I wasn't disappointed. The game is unique and gives you a lot to do.

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You start off with a tutorial to get used to the different tools you can use during gameplay. Then you're dumped right into snagging your first job. Everything is quaintly placed inside an Embr app on your smartphone (in the game) and you can see jobs on the map.

You can see what the general difficulty of the job is as well as what you can earn. Once you accept, you load into the location of the job and must get right to work. The building is on fire after all, and there's only so much time to save everyone.

Beyond putting out fires, you'll also have to sometimes contend with toxic gas leaks, pieces of the house falling apart due to the flames, and electricity. And you have your health to watch out for. Some places can only be reached using your ladder. In a weird way, the job is put together as a sort of puzzle.


And it's up to you to figure out how to get to each room of the home where people are trapped. Then get them outside to safety. It's definitely a game you should experience for yourself.

The controls in Embr were a bit tricky at first

Stadia Embr Review 1

Getting used to the controls in Embr seemed like an easy enough task. After all this isn't some game that required a whole lot of cat-like reflexes and twitch movement skills.


But the controls were a little tricky to get used to in the beginning. Mostly because controller sensitivity didn't seem to alter much after adjusting it only one or two points. The funny thing is, sensitivity changes pretty drastically if you adjust it one or two more after the initial two points. So it didn't feel like there was a stable middleground.

After I accepted and completed a few jobs though things began to fall into place and the game became more fun. All I can say is try different controllers too, if you find the game controls at all finicky. This seemed to help. And you might find that the DualShock 4 feels better than the Stadia controller here.

Embr has loads of potential on Stadia

While is being released in early access tomorrow for PC in addition to Stadia, it definitely feels like it has a little more potential on Stadia than on PC.


I only say this because the game has multiplayer, and it seems like it would benefit immensely from Stadia's stream connect feature. This is already implemented in games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

In Embr, this would be a great feature to have if you were playing with another three people. You could all see where your teammates are in the building and coordinate which rooms each person should focus on.

Especially since there are multiple objectives you can complete for each job. Some of them optional. For instance, in the first job you're only required to save three out of the five people in the home. The 4th and 5th people are optional saves.


There's also an optional task of finding cash in the home. It's not listed on your screen how many piles of cash there are inside, but I've found at least two and there could be more. With something like stream connect, players could more easily see which rooms have already been investigated.

Embr was never mentioned to support this feature. But just the possibility that it could gives it some potential over its PC counterpart.

Don't forget to redo missions for extra cash

One super important aspect of this game is making sure you have enough cash. Which you can only get from completing missions.


You will get the most amount of cash if you complete every single task and get a 5-flame rating. This means saving all the mandatory clients as well as the optional clients, and finding all the optional cash hidden throughout each stage.

Cash in this game is used to upgrade your loadout. You can buy new tools like the throwing axe, trampoline and more. As well as buy new wearable gear like a firefighters helmet. You can even buy new vehicles (which you will use to get to and from jobs).

All of this will make it easier to complete certain jobs with a higher rating. And you will eventually need some of it for the harder jobs. You may not be able to complete all jobs with the highest rating the first time around. But you can redo them, and even if the result is the same you still end up with the extra cash from the completion.

Which in the long run is still a good thing because you'll have more money for upgrades.

An excellent lighthearted experience

Through and through Embr is a pretty wonderful game. I had an excellent experience while playing it thus far, and it's one that I can confidently say I'll continue diving into.

If you're looking for a breakaway from the more chaotic games, definitely give this a try. Between the lighthearted gameplay and the obvious comedic theme, Embr is one game on Stadia that shouldn't be missed, so take the chance to review it for yourself.

You'll be able to grab Embr from the Stadia store on the morning of May 21.