Sony Rumored To Showcase The PlayStation 5 At June 3 Event


Sony may be holding a special reveal event on June 3 to officially showcase the PlayStation 5. That's according to a new report from Bloomberg who cites people familiar with Sony's plans.

June 3 is also a tentative date for the PlayStation 5 reveal event, as Sony may decide to push the date out a bit.

Sony has apparently been changing its mind and adjusting the plans accordingly. The same thing could happen next week. The people who are familiar with Sony's plans for this event have noted June 3 as the potential date, but it may be best to think of the reveal happening "as early as next week" instead. Since it could change or be incorrect.


Sony PlayStation 5 event may not reveal everything

If the event happens on the date that the rumor is suggesting, it's possible that not everything will be shown off.

So far, Sony has already revealed the official logo, as well as the new DualSense controller for the PS5. It's also shared some information about the console's specs and features. Though nothing so much as the actual components, like how much RAM, hard drive space, and power the console will have.

It also hasn't actually revealed the design of the console itself. Which is expected to be what the upcoming event is about. That may be all the event is about too. As people familiar with the plans say that Sony might be saving some details of the console for a later date.


Sony hasn't revealed the PlayStation 5's price either. So there's a chance that the cost could be one of the things that Sony has in mind to show off next week.

This would be a good thing to reveal to consumers as early as possible. As Sony still plans to have the console ready to ship by the holidays, people still have no idea how much they'll need to spend. Some consumers will no doubt want to plan that cost out ahead of time.

There's still a lot for Sony to share

Aside from the console design, and the price as well as the actual release date, Sony still has a lot to share about the PlayStation 5.


There's still all the features that it needs to confirm. What the UI will look like when you power on the console. Keeping things under wraps is probably part of Sony's grand plan here. And it likely has reasons for keeping these secrets.

After all, this is the next console generation and Microsoft has already shown its hand with the Xbox Series X. Perhaps Sony waiting means it's waiting for the best possible moment to reveal why it thinks consumers should choose the PlayStation 5.