Sony Just Won The Truly Wireless Earbuds Market, Again

Sony WF SP800N 6

Sony, today announced the WF-SP800N truly wireless earbuds. These offer up active noise cancellation and adaptive audio for around $200.

That alone doesn't make them the king of the truly wireless earbuds market though, but there are a few other features that do. Like the battery life. The WF-SP800N can last for nine hours of continuous playback and that's with ANC on. Turn it off, and you can get that to 13 hours. Making them the longest lasting truly wireless earbuds on the market.

Sony continues to flex its muscles with headphones

If there's one thing that Sony knows, it is definitely headphones and earbuds. And they are showing that to be the case here.


The Sony WF-SP800N  truly wireless earbuds are the successor to the WF-SP700N which were a crowd favorite and weren't too expensive. These take everything that the SP700N were, and made them even better, somehow.

With Adaptive Sound, the WF-SP800N's are going to be able to adapt the sound based on your surroundings. So if you are in a louder setting, it can turn up the volume so you can still hear the music and so forth.

Sony is also updating its noise cancellation on the WF-SP800N which will automatically change settings based on your location. Now this is something that Sony already offers through its Headphones app, but it's not quite this powerful.


You can assign different settings to specific locations with the WF-SP800N. So when you get to the office or get back home, your headphones will automatically switch to your preferred settings for that location.

This update is also going to work with other Sony headphones that have Adaptive Sound Control available, like the WF-1000XM3.

Of course, we know that the audio quality on the WF-SP800N is going to be pretty good. That is because Sony knows audio and is also a record label. So obviously they want their music to sound good on their headphones. And these do support EXTRA BASS too.


Sony WF-SP800N pricing & availability

The Sony WF-SP800N truly wireless earbuds are available today from Amazon. These will cost you $199, and honestly that is a really good value. Considering the Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods 2 are both $179.

These will also be available in either black or blue.

Sony WF-SP800N are up for pre-order, so you won't be getting these right away. They will be coming later this month. Amazon lists the launch date as May 31, right now.


Sony WF-SP800N - Amazon - $199