Sonos New Five & Sub Speakers Bring Us More Premium Sound


In addition to the Arc, Sonos is also announcing the Sub (Gen 3) and the Sonos Five speakers. The Sonos Five is the second-generation PLAY:5, but Sonos has removed the "PLAY" branding here.

Both of these speakers will work great with the new Sonos Arc, seeing as Sonos is still using its patented multi-room audio technology with these speakers.

Sonos Sub still brings the bass

The Sonos Sub has long been a favorite of Sonos users for the low-frequency bass that it is able to provide. And it compliments the new Arc quite nicely. When paired with the Arc, it will push all of the bass over to the Sub, while the Arc can focus on the mids and highs. Giving you a more complete experience.


Sonos Sub comes with Two Class-D Amplifiers, Two force-cancelling drivers, and dual acoustic ports. This is going to give you some really impressive bass for your Sub. And provide some really impressive sound in your home theater.

Sonos is going to release the Sub in both black and white. It also works with AirPlay 2 and the Sonos S2 app.

Sonos Five is still a powerful music speaker

The Sonos PLAY:5 was the company's most popular speaker, and the Five looks to fill those big shoes.

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It still comes with the very impressive sound quality that you'd expect from the PLAY:5. This is thanks to the six Class-D Amplifiers, three tweeters, and three midwoofers. Which is going to provide you with some really great sounding bass, as well as crystal clear mids and highs.

Much like the Sonos Arc and Sub, this also works with AirPlay 2, and the new Sonos S2 app. Though, there's no Dolby Atmos support here unfortunately.

Finally, the Sonos Five will be available in all black or all white. The all white grill on the Five looks really stunning actually. All of Sonos' newer speakers are available in the same colors – black or white. So you can easily match them up in your home for a really good looking setup.


Pricing & Availability

Both the Sonos Five and Sub speakers are going to be available for pre-order today from With general availability starting on June 10.

The Sonos Five is going to cost you $499, with the Sonos Sub going for $699.

You can pre-order the Sonos Five and the Sonos Sub by clicking here.