The Sonos Arc Is The Premium Soundbar To Beat


The Arc is Sonos' latest premium soundbar, built for larger TVs.

The Sonos Arc is the premium soundbar that is going to replace the Playbar and Playbase, with the same price of $799.

Sonos Arc is the company's most immersive home theater experience to-date. It is launching with 3D Audio, smart assistant support, and Dolby Atmos support.


This is Sonos first Dolby Atmos-compatible speaker

This might sound a bit weird, but the Sonos Arc is the first speaker from the company that works with Dolby Atmos. And as you might expect, it's going to produce some incredible sound.

Add Dolby Atmos to the 3D Audio support that the Sonos Arc boasts, and you're going to get a really amazing experience.

This is brought to you by eleven Class-D digital amplifiers, eight elliptical woofers and three precisely angled silk-dome tweeters. This is going to give you some incredible bass, as well as some crystal mids and highs.

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Like with Sonos other products, there is an adjustable EQ available in the app. So you can turn up the bass, if you wish to do so.

What is perhaps the most interesting feature of the Sonos Arc, is the Night Sound. This is because it can reduce the intensity of loud sound effects. That way you can still watch TV while your kids are sleeping and not wake them up. Especially important for newborns.

A stunning soundbar, with the latest smarts

The Arc is a really stunning looking soundbar. Sonos is offering the Arc in matte black or matte white, like its other speakers. It curves up to 270-degrees, which makes it easier to fill the entire room with sound, especially if it is mounted on a wall.


Arc is about 11 inches longer than the Beam, which allows Sonos to put more hardware inside to produce better sounding audio. It's about 45-inches wide, and built for larger TVs. Which are all the rage these days.

Now as for the smarts, they are all here. Sonos Arc is one of the few in the premium soundbar segment that supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's AirPlay 2. The only thing missing here is Cast support. However, Sonos does allow you to control Chromecast and Fire TV through your voice, if it is also connected to your TV.

Finally, the Sonos Arc works with the new Sonos S2 app. Which is brand new, and will make it easier to control your Arc, as well as adjust the settings.


Pricing & Availability

Pre-orders for the Sonos Arc start today, at a price of $799.

It will be available and start shipping on June 10. Sonos is making the Arc available for the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Latin America, Singapore and Hong Kong. Japan and China will get the Arc in the coming months.