Everyone's Favorite Shark ION Robot Vacuum Is On Sale For $99 Today


Woot is currently selling the Shark ION Robot Vacuum (RV750 model) for just $99. Which has been a crowd-favorite robot vacuum for a few years now. And being able to get it for just $99 is a really good deal. And definitely worth picking up.

The Shark ION RV750 has been super popular because it has never been super expensive, and it still does a good job of cleaning up your home. Normally this robot vacuum would go for around $199, so it was pretty inexpensive to begin with, and now at $99, it's an even better deal.

This is a factory refurbished model, but it does come with a new warranty from Shark, so that if anything does go wrong, they will take care of you.


Shark ION RV750 is really good at cleaning your home as it has two front spinning brushes that will loosen the dirt and then a rolling brush in the center that picks it all up. It also has plenty of suction. Which is good for getting up all of the dirt, dust and pet hair from your carpet in your home.

It does work with Shark's app, and with that app you'll be able to set up a schedule, as well as telling it where to clean and when. Now this does not do floor mapping, as that is reserved for more expensive robot vacuums. So it will go in a random pattern until it cleans everywhere.

Finally, the Shark ION RV750 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Allowing you to use your voice to control the robot vacuum. That is a really cool feature to have, especially on a robot vacuum that is this cheap.

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You can pick up the Shark ION RV750 robot vacuum from Woot in this sale today by clicking here. 

Shark ION RV750 - Woot - $99