Serious Sam 4 Will Be Exclusive To Stadia And Steam For A Year


Stadia is getting another timed exclusive with the near-future release of Serious Sam 4, which was just announced by the game’s development studio Croteam earlier this morning via the trailer.

A very important detail of course is that it won’t be entirely exclusive to Stadia, as it will also be on PC through Steam. There will be versions of the game coming to PlayStation and Xbox, but those won’t appear until one year later.

Serious Sam 4 is an all-new game in the franchise, so this will also be another new game for Stadia that is also new for other platforms.


Serious Sam 4 arrives on Stadia in August of 2020

Stadia users will get to play Serious Sam 4 in August of 2020 so the game is just a couple of months away.

The release will also likely happen simultaneously with Steam, so you could always check it out there too if you’re so inclined. There’s no mention of pricing for either platform in the trailer. But Steam has it listed for $39.99 as a pre-order, so that will likely be the cost for Stadia uses as well.

There could also be deals for Steam users, and on Stadia for Pro members as this has been done before. It’s also unclear when exactly in August the game will release. If you’re looking forward to this game though, keep an eye on the studio’s social channels.


And Google may announce it via the Stadia social channels too. In the meantime, Stadia users can play any of the previous games in the franchise with the Serious Sam Collection. Which should amply prepare you for what’s to come with the new game.

This will be a prequel to the previous games

There’s not much detail here either. But, Croteam says that this will be a prequel game for the franchise. So the premise of the game will be a beginning to the other three titles.

An origin story if you will. Or perhaps somewhere along those lines. Story aside the development studio does elaborate a little on gameplay and what players can expect there. Gameplay will seemingly be challenging with players coming up against “an unimaginable number of enemies.”


Which sounds a whole lot like players can end up getting swarmed by literal legions of foes all at once. If you’ve played DOOM Eternal, then you know how quickly you can get surrounded. And it sounds like things will be a little more chaotic here.

Luckily, players will have an unstoppable arsenal at their disposal. So things should get interesting real quick.