Samsung Working On Several Galaxy Fold Models: Tipster

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According to a new rumor, Samsung is working on several Galaxy Fold models. Max Weinbach, a well-known tipster, shared that info, while Mauri QHD (another tipster) added more info to the table.

According to Max Weinbach, in addition to the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung is also working on the Galaxy Fold E. That is supposed to be a more affordable variant of the Galaxy Fold 2, it seems.

Samsung working on several Galaxy Fold models, including a more affordable variant

The Galaxy Fold E is expected to cost around $1,100 says Max Weinbach, so it will be considerably more affordable than the Galaxy Fold 2.


In addition to that, Mr. Weinbach mentioned that Samsung is developing three foldable smartphones. Two with plastic displays, and one with UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) display.

That’s pretty much all the information that Mr. Weinbach shared. Mauri QHD responded to Max Weinbach’s tweet, though, and added some additional information.

The says that the Galaxy Fold E will be called the Galaxy Fold Lite, according to his information. He also mentioned that his sources say it will cost around $900, not $1,100. It may also include just one display, on the inside.


The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch in August, alongside the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung did not confirm anything just yet, but many rumors are pointing in that direction.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is even rumored to arrive with a stylus. The S Pen will allegedly be included, which was not the case with the original model.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will be a blend between the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip & S20+

The device’s design did not exactly leak out properly just yet, but we do know what to expect. Several rumors described its design, and it seems like it will be a blend between the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip.


It will be a tablet that folds, essentially, like the Galaxy Fold. It will include a UTG display, like the Galaxy Z Flip, and also a display camera hole like the Galaxy Z Flip.

That display hole will be included on the Galaxy Fold 2’s outer and inner displays. Its bezels will be much thinner than the ones on the original Galaxy Fold, around the outer display.

The unseemly display notch will no longer be included on the inner display. The phone is expected to offer a similar rear camera setup as the Galaxy S20+. More information will keep on coming in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. The foldable game will become really interesting as it seems like Samsung means business, as it’s working on several Galaxy Fold models.