Samsung To Make Punch-Hole Cutouts More Productive With New Animations

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Samsung makes some interesting use of the punch-hole cutouts on its smartphones. It lets you launch the camera simply by swiping down from the front camera cut out. An animated ring also illuminates the sensor when you switch between the different camera modes.

Samsung now appears to be looking to use those cutouts more productively. The South Korean company has recently been granted five design patents by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for some front-camera animations. The animations would serve to indicate the status of certain in-process tasks.

If you're making a time-lapse recording, a timer diagram will surround the camera. It will show the progress status of the camera timer. This would be a handy addition as it gives you an instant insight into the recording progress.


Samsung could also add an animation to show a download in progress. A download status bar can also be placed directly below or next to the circular punch-hole cutout.

In its design patents, Samsung is showing either circular, rectangular, square-shaped, or animations with rounded corners, depending on whether the device features a single or double punch-hole on the front.

Although its most recent smartphones feature only one selfie camera, the company has previously launched phones with dual punch-hole cameras as well.

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The Galaxy S10 Plus being the most notable one. The company might launch more phones with dual front cameras in the future.

Also, Samsung could place the front cameras either in the top left, top right or at the center of the display. The Galaxy S20 series has the punch-hole camera located centrally, while some other Galaxy smartphones have them either in left or right.

Samsung to add more punch-hole animations

The never-ending quest for fullscreen phones has brought about several changes to smartphone displays. From the reduction of bezels to the introduction of notches and pop-up cameras, phone makers have come up with various solutions over the past few years.


We may soon make the transition to under-display selfie cameras, but the current trend is a punch-hole cutout. Samsung, the largest smartphone vendor in the world, has been leading this pack as well.

Since the under-display camera technology isn't developed sufficiently enough, the company is looking to bring some excitement to the punch-hole implementation. It'll be interesting to see when the South Korean giant brings these new animations to its Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung has the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Fold 2 coming up in a few months from now. Hopefully, some of these will debut on the next Galaxy flagship.