Samsung Health Now Available On Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Health smart tvs

At CES 2020 in January, Samsung had announced that it would bring Samsung Health to its Smart TVs. The platform is now available for the company's 2020 Smart TV lineup.

Samsung Health for Smart TVs is "designed to revolutionize the concept of at-home workouts". It is a user-centric wellness platform that syncs across your phones and wearable devices as well.

In fact, the new health platform for Samsung Smart TVs brings a lot more than what the smartphone and wearable apps offer. Of course, there will be personal dashboards and challenges, but there's more.


Users get free premium classes on various fitness-focused activities like yoga, meditation, strength training, stretching, barre, pilates, dance, cardio, and full-body workouts. The contents vary in terms of exercise level and discipline, so there is something for everyone.

2020 Samsung Smart TV owners can also start new wellness routines. When on, the TV will automatically remind them that it’s time to get up and work out. Users can create profiles for individuals or for the whole family for personalized workout recommendations.

You can also set workout goals and challenge yourself, or a family member for some fun. Samsung Health will keep track of the status and cheer you on when you get closer to the goal.

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The dashboard connects to mobile and wearables apps to bring all stats into one centralized place. So the calories you burn while on the move won't go unnoticed. Your daily stats from all your devices will be synced to analyze your progress.

"The whole intention of Samsung Health is to motivate our consumers to live healthier lives by meeting them wherever they are, across Samsung platforms,” said Won-Jin Lee, Executive Vice President at Samsung.

Samsung smart TVs get Samsung Health

Samsung last month added six new fitness-focused apps to its Smart TV lineup, namely Calm, obé fitness, barre3, Echelon, Fitplan, and Jillian Michaels Fitness. These apps now come integrated with the Samsung Health platform on the company's 2020 Smart TVs.


Users get over 5,000 hours of fitness and wellness content as well as more than 250 instructive fitness videos from these partners.

Samsung says the partner ecosystem will continue to expand in the future, so the consumers will always be able to "discover something new or find content that suits their specific fitness needs."

The aforementioned six apps are also available to download independently on select older Samsung Smart TVs in some regions. It's unclear whether the company plans on making the Samsung Health platform available to its older TV models.


Samsung Health