Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Sales Increase Despite The Pandemic


Despite the current health crisis, and the fact the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is quite expensive, its sales have seen an increase in March. This information comes from EconoTimes.

The Galaxy Z Flip sees a sales increase despite the current health crisis

The report claims that Samsung shipped 230,000 Galaxy Z Flip units in March, worldwide. If true, that means that the company shipped 56.1-percent more Galaxy Z Flip models in March than in February.

For comparison's sake, the company managed to ship out 147,000 Galaxy Z Flip smartphones in February. It's worth noting that the phone did launch in February, so it was not on sale for the whole month.


These are not huge sales numbers compared to the Galaxy S20, or any other popular smartphone, of course. Do note that this is a new form factor, though, and extremely expensive phone.

This is not a device that people are all too familiar with, as mostly enthusiasts are willing to splurge for it. On top of that, the current pandemic should also be taken into account.

All that said, these sales numbers sure are impressive for such a device. It will be interesting to see what will happen next month, will the Galaxy Z Flip sales increase yet again, or not.


The Galaxy Z Flip may outsell the Galaxy Fold

Now, the Galaxy Z Flip's siblings, the Galaxy Fold, has been on sale for quite some time now. It launched in mid-2019, and it sold between 400,000 and 500,000 units by January.

The Galaxy Z Flip may outsell the Galaxy Fold at this pace. After only 1.5 months, Samsung sold around 377,000 Galaxy Z Flip units. The Galaxy Fold 2 is coming, though.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in August. The device will offer a more appealing design than its predecessor, with much thinner bezels, and no notches.


That handset is also rumored to be more affordable than the original Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold 2 won't exactly be a mainstream smartphone either. While Samsung is expecting a sales increase for that phone, don't expect some crazy numbers.

Analysts are predicting that the sales of foldable phones will keep on growing. They're expecting such sales to increase a hundredfold by 2025, and Samsung is currently the market leader in that category.

It will probably take quite a bit of time before foldable phones become mainstream devices, if it ever happens. Many companies are currently working on such devices, though, so it will be interesting to see what comes next.