Galaxy Tab S7 Grabs Key Certification Signaling Release

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The Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G just gained a key certification signalling it’s nearing release. This comes nearly one year after the launch of the Galaxy Tab S6, which is right on time by industry standards. 

The Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G just got its first certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The model number is SM-T976B via reporting at SamMobile.

Just like FCC, Bluetooth and TENNA filings, Wi-Fi Alliance certifications are tall tale signs that a device will be imminently launched.


Track Record

This will be Samsung’s first globally available 5G tablet. They initially launched the Galaxy Tab S6 5G in their home country of South Korea.

It launched with Android 10 and One UI 2.1 out of the box, so we should expect to see the same with the successor. The international WiFi model of the Galaxy Tab S6 got the update in April as well. All good news for software support on the newer model.

There could be a switch in nomenclature to more closely resemble the rest of their Galaxy S product line. The rumored Galaxy Tab S7 series could launch as the Galaxy Tab S20 and Galaxy Tab S20+.


Size Specific Differences

It’s been rumored that the Galaxy Tab S7/+ (Tab S20/+) could come in two different sizes 11 inches and 12.4 inches to more closely compete with the likes of the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface line of two-in-one devices.

The larger of the two is reportedly the only version to offer 5G support. There will be 4G LTE and WiFi only models of both the larger and smaller versions of the tablets. Music to the price conscious ears. 5G drives up costs significantly so this will be a welcome choice for many.

The Wi-Fi 6 certification states that it will support both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wi-Fi 6 bands. This in addition to 5G support makes for a relatively future proofed tablet solution (Again, for the larger of the two).


Other tablet competitors only have either or. This gives the Galaxy Tab S7+ (Tab S20+) an upper hand on them, especially it’s limited Android counterparts.

Now if they can keep the price reasonable with the S-pen included in the package they could have a winner on their hands. They could even bundle the keyboard and back cover this time too. We see it’s been a winning formula for other device OEMs.

Android tablets need a win and this could be the resurgence of a champion.