Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & 20+ Are Coming, No 'Ultra' Model

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus AH 2019 16

It seems like Samsung will announce two Galaxy Note flagships this year. The Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ are coming, but not the ‘Ultra’ model. This information comes from a well-known display analyst, Ross Young.

He also shared quite a bit of Galaxy Fold 2 information a while back, and is usually spot on. We do believe this information is legit, considering the source.

This is not all the information he shared, though. Mr. Young also shared some information regarding the Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ displays.


The Galaxy Note 20 & 20+ display info also got shared

According to him, the Galaxy Note 20 will feature a 6.42-inch display. Its resolution will be 2345 x 1084, which results in a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 404 PPI.

That will be a 120Hz display, by the way, and it will offer LTPO, and the variable refresh option. As you can see, it will feature a slightly larger display than the Note 10, as the Note 10 included a 6.3-inch panel.

Now, regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. That handset will feature a 6.87-inch 3096 x 1444 display. A slightly larger panel than the Galaxy Note 20+’s 6.8-inch display.


It will also be a 120Hz display, and it will also include LTPO, and a variable refresh option. Both of those panels will be AMOLED displays, of course, probably marketed as Dynamic AMOLED displays.

That is all the information that Ross Young shared this time around. More information will probably follow in the near future, regarding other specs. Mr. Young usually shares only display-related information.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will probably launch alongside the 'Note' devices

The Galaxy Note 20 series is expected to arrive in August. Samsung will probably announce the Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ alongside the Galaxy Fold 2.


The Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ will probably resemble the Galaxy S20 series. Those two devices are expected to include a display camera hole, which will be centered.

Both phones will probably include curved displays, but they will be less curved than on the Galaxy Note 10 series. That’s at least what we’re expecting, as that was the case with the Galaxy S20 series of devices.

The Galaxy Note 20 series will offer really thin bezels, and will probably ship with the Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 990 SoCs. That will depend on where you live, of course.