Ring Launches 2nd Gen Doorbell With New Charging, Improvements

Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen

Amazon’s Ring is reportedly now launching a 2nd-gen variation of its original Doorbell in two color variations with a few noteworthy updates. Appearing for pre-order on Amazon’s site, the biggest advantage offered by the new doorbell may actually be an accessory. While the updated Ring Doorbell can support both wired and wire-free installation, it also now supports a solar-powered charger. That takes the form of a frame that rests around the gadget and costs $49.

Another big update with the new Ring Doorbell arrives in how it functions. Now, the Ring Doorbell supports up to 1080p video for starters. The original Ring Doorbell only supported up to 720p video. Improvements to night vision and motion zones have also been tacked in. Finally, Amazon has added privacy zones and audio privacy to the mix, keeping things more secure for users depending on their preferences.

Otherwise, this new Ring Doorbell appears to be remarkably similar to the original, even launching in the same style and colors. The device allows for two-way audio communications, announcements, remote mobile notifications, and integration with the rest of the Ring or Amazon ecosystems.


All of that sets this new video doorbell just a step below the more expensive Ring Doorbell 3.

Making up for bad press?

Now, Ring has received quite a lot of bad press over the past several months due to data leaks and privacy concerns. The app was discovered by the EFF to be passing data out to third-parties for example. And that’s not a good look for a company chiefly responsible for recording and monitoring video-enabled IoT devices.

That’s followed on waves of news pertaining to the companies activities surrounding everything from package tracking for police stings. But it has also included instances where bad actors gained access to indoor security cams and frightening children.


Ring has actively pushed out fixes for some of its problems, including removing most third-parties from the app. It managed to patch a hole in its system that allowed Wi-Fi credentials to be stolen, for instance. But not everybody is likely to be convinced.

So this new doorbell, priced exactly the same as the 2014 model despite its updates, could help to smooth things over for the company. That’ll hold particularly true if it can avoid any further bad news in the interim.

Ring 2nd-gen Doorbell pricing and availability

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) is already listed on Amazon’s website and is available for just $99.99 with free shipping across the board. But it won’t actually land until June 3, according to the page. As with previous Ring devices, that comes with the added cost of a Ring Protect Plan. Summarily, that lets users record all of their videos, review missed alerts for up to 60 days, and share both videos and photos.


Ring Protect Plan costs $3 per device per month. Or users can opt to pay $10 per month per household.

As to configurable options, Ring is offering its new wave of Doorbells in either Satin Nickle or Venitian Bronze. Either will be available wherever previous Ring devices have been sold.