These Renders Show What The Galaxy Note 20 May Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Renders 4

While the Galaxy Note 20 may be headed for an online-only event reveal later this year, these renders give a look at what could be the potential design of the upcoming phone.

Now, these are not leaked images of the device. These are renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that are based on leaked CAD drawings.

So while they might look like leaked promotional images, they are simply renders, and are not officially from Samsung. Which is important to keep in mind. All that being said, because the renders are based on the CAD drawings, it is certainly possible that this could be what the phone looks like in its final design.


It's also worth mentioning that the source of these images suggests that some design elements are not finalized. Which means some things may change.

The Galaxy Note 20 renders point to a Galaxy S20 Ultra-style camera array

One of the first things you might notice is that the renders point to a camera array that is very much like the one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Complete with four camera sensors and an LED flash module. This particular design mostly matches up with another recent leak. One that claims the Galaxy Note 20+ will have a periscope camera on the back.

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In that leak, an image shows the rear camera module and it looks almost identical to the one rendered here. Save for a second rectangular sensor hole instead of a third round one like pictured here.

The screen is rumored to be 6.7-inches

Alongside the renders there are also some rumored specs. According to the leak, the display size of the Galaxy Note 20 (not the Galaxy Note 20+) is 6.7-inches.

This is based on screen dimensions of 155.4mm x 69.1mm. In addition to the screen size, the Galaxy Note 20 is also supposedly coming with a punch-hole camera on the front, USB C, and a design that is not too different from the Galaxy Note 10 series.


The overall design is a bit more round though, and appears more like the Galaxy S20 series. With the more rounded corners. The color in the renders is not necessarily representative of what you can expect from Samsung with the finalized color options.

And it was likely chosen arbitrarily because it looked good. Samsung has already confirmed the Galaxy Note 20 series would be coming this year. What it did not say was exactly when. Though the most recent speculation suggests it could be in late Summer.