Puzzle & Dragons Gets Limited Time BLEACH Collaboration

Puzzle Dragons BLEACH Collaboration

Puzzle & Dragons has announced a new limited time collaboration with BLEACH, the popular Shonen Jump manga and anime series.

The collaboration will introduce a large collection of characters from the series, with two characters in the roster being all-new this time around. The new characters will be Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki.

All of the remaining characters that are returning from the first BLEACH collaboration have also gotten a power boost. So they're now stronger than they used to be and will be able to provide more powerful attacks in battle thanks to the Assist Evolution abilities that have been added.


The Puzzle & Dragons/BLEACH collaboration event begins May 11

The collaboration event starts today, May 11, and will continue until May 24. That gives players exactly two weeks to enjoy the limited time BLEACH content in Puzzle & Dragons.

While the event is active, players will be able to go through a special dungeon themed after the content. Using the BLEACH characters will be key to completing this dungeon.

There will also be three new floors that are present with this dungeon that weren't available the last time this collaboration happened.

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The new floors include World of the Living Team, Soul Reapers of Soul Society, and lastly, Espadas and the Visoreds.

Players can try their hand at the new BLEACH Challenge! dungeon

In addition to the new floors on the returning dungeon, players can also try their hand at the new challenge dungeon that's been added.

This new challenge dungeon will allow players to pull from the BLEACH Memorial Egg Machine for free. In addition to the free pull players also get two free BLEACH collaboration medals.


If the challenge dungeon and the new floors aren't enough, there's also a new multiplayer dungeon. The idea with this dungeon is that players tackle it with friends or other players online.

The multiplayer dungeon supports up to three players maximum. So if you have friends that you play the game with, choose your teammates wisely.

The collaboration also introduces a number of different deals and discounts on particular in-game purchases. For example, players can grab a six-star Egg Machine bundle that comes with a guaranteed six-star character in addition to 20 magic stones for $19.99.


There's also a similar bundle for $9.99 that comes with 10 magic stones and the Hiyori Sarugaki Egg Machine pull. All of this content is already live within the game. Meaning you can access right away and shouldn't have to update.