PUBG MOBILE Enters The Toy Playground With Royale Pass Season 13

PUBG MOBILE Toy Playground

PUBG MOBILE launched its Miramar update earlier this month and now the game's Royale Pass season 13, called Toy Playground, is live in the game for players to start completing.

The Toy Playground season pass in PUBG MOBILE brings in a variety of new themed items for players to acquire, including new character outfits and themed weapons.

As part of the new season pass and the Miramar update, Tencent Games started a live stream of the new Sandstorm event that's taking place in the game right now.


The live stream itself was set up to be a 24-hour live stream, however it's worth keeping in mind that the stream began about 22 hours prior to the time of writing of this post. You should still be able to go back and watch the video after it's no longer live though.

Enter the PUBG MOBILE Toy Playground as the 'Puppet Agent'

If the name of the new season pass and the image associated with it don't give it away, a lot of the new items you can pick up this season are centered around toys and toy-like designs.

Take for example the Puppet Agent. A new outfit for your character that you can obtain once you unlock the appropriate tier on the pass.

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Tencent has even made it possible to customize the outfit once you get it for a truly unique look. The customization options come from a series of mixing and matching the different outfit pieces. And to do this you'll need all three sets of the outfit.

There are three different forms of the Puppet Agent. You'll be able to unlock the Ice Ranger and Fire Ranger once you reach tier 50 on the pass. And once you reach tier 100 you can unlock the Ultimate Defender set.

Once you have all three, you can mix and match the pieces to make up your own agent look.


Upgrade your outfits through special missions

If just having all the Puppet Agent outfit forms isn't enough, you can upgrade them.

To do so you'll need to complete a series of special missions that will be available during the season. Once in-game, look for the Puppet Agent and Toy Mastery series special missions and seek to complete their tasks.

Players should also look out for notification upgrades. Now, every RP mission that can be seen on the result page have been improved to make them easier to keep on top of.


Tencent has also employed a series of bug fixes to the game that are now live.