Payload Mode Drops In On PUBG MOBILE LITE Today


PUBG MOBILE has been getting a lot of love lately and it's time for PUBG MOBILE LITE to get some too, and today it does with the newly added Payload Mode that's being dropped into the game.

If you're not familiar with Payload Mode, it's a mode that was added to PUBG MOBILE in October of 2019. One of the big draws is that it lets you play solo or in a team of up to four people, while you fight against your enemies for the payload drops.

You can also fight against helicopters that rain down fire, which is the new weapons will come in handy.


Payload Mode in PUBG MOBILE Lite introduces surface-to-air missiles

Helicopters might seem like a huge danger to have to face in Payload Mode, and they are, but PUBG MOBILE LITE is also getting weapons to deal with them properly.

Enter the surface-to-air missiles. Simply grab one of these and shoot that helicopter down so it doesn't give you any more trouble. Or your enemies any more advantages. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, but you'll be helping out your teammates. That is if you're not playing solo.

This mode also allows you to pick up and use grenade launchers and other powerful super weapons. The grenade launcher for example might be better suited for fighting off the BRDM-2 tank. Another vehicle that was added into the game for this mode. It can also be used in Classic Mode if you use flare guns to summon it.

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Have fun at the new Varenga spawn island during pre-match loading

It's no secret that match load times can suck. More so when it takes forever to get into one. Well on the Varenga map, now when you're waiting to load into a match there's a new spawn island that you can enter to have fun to help pass the time.

This way you at least have something to do while you wait for the match to begin. Instead of just stare at a screen.

Tencent has also added the Desert Eagle to the game. And it's made some balances to SMG damage and pistol damage. If you tend to gravitate towards either of those two weapon types, you'll want to make sure they still work for you.


Lastly there's a new Synergy feature that lets you access a wide range of emotes to exchange with your teammates and friends as they Synergy builds up. A handful of various bug fixes have been introduced as well.