OxygenOS Will Soon Get A Dark Mode Quick Settings Toggle

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OnePlus has announced that a dark mode quick settings toggle will soon be rolling out to OxygenOS. The company confirmed this as part of its latest Q&A on its forums.

OxygenOS dark mode quick settings toggle is one of the upcoming changes in OnePlus’ software

The company allowed its users to ask its employees questions, and a bunch of them got responded as a result. The OxygenOS dark mode quick settings toggle got confirmed in one of them.

The company said that this feature will be internally tested before reaching the Open Beta stage. So don’t expect it to become available in a stable version that soon, but the feature is coming.


That toggle will sure make things a lot easier if you often switch between light and dark modes on the device. If not, well, chances are you won’t care much for it. Luckily, OnePlus shared some more information as part of this Q&A.

The company said that Android 10 is coming to the OnePlus 5 and 5T soon, in a stable form. Both devices already received several Open Beta updates based on Android 10, and a stable version is right around the corner.

OnePlus also promised some improvements to volume adjustment. Many users complained that the volume level at the lowest setting is still too high. I can attest to that, and OnePlus plans to fix that.

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The company said that it made overall adjustments to the volume, which will fix the aforementioned issue. This update has been merged into this month’s Open Beta version, said OnePlus. It should be on its way to the stable channel soon.

Several OnePlus Launcher bugs have been squashed as well

OnePlus confirmed that several OnePlus Launcher bugs have been squashed as well. Users have mentioned three separate bugs, and all three have been fixed in the latest version of the app.

OnePlus also explained why the ‘new phone’ heats up as much when transferring data via OnePlus Switch. It needs to perform data recovery, and install relevant software at the same time while receiving data. A rise in temperature is normal.


The company also explained why it is impossible to dismiss notifications for app updates, while it also talked about a WiFi hotspot, and several other topics.

If you’d like to check out the whole Q&A that the company shared, feel free to click here. That link will take you directly to the company’s Q&A in the forums.

In that thread, you’ll also find past Q&A’s, for previous months, if you’re interested.