OnePlus Protection Plans Are Now Available In 27 European Countries

OnePlus 8 Pro 1 AM AH 5

OnePlus has announced that its protection plans for accidental damages are now available in 27 European countries. The company’s protection plans were launched back in April, and are already available in the US.

There are four OnePlus Protection Plans in total

OnePlus offers various different protection plans that you can shoes from, at different price points. There are four protection plans in total, including OnePlus Care, Extended Warranty Plan, Screen Protection Plan, and Accidental Damage Plan.

The OnePlus Care is the most comprehensive one. It covers your smartphones against various damage, including accidental drops, crash, breakage, and liquid for 2 years.


That being said, these Protection Plans are now available in all countries, and are only available for the OnePlus 8 series. We’re speaking about Europe in specific here, of course.

The so-called ‘Phase 1’ rolled out to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, and Ireland on April 30.

Do note that you cannot add a plan to a device your already own. You can select a protection plan upon purchasing a new phone.


The ‘Phase 2’ will roll out soon, and will include the Czech Republic, Malta, Hungary, Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, and Luxembourg.

If you live in any of these countries, you can now add a protection plan. You can add it to a device you plan to purchase. You can add a protection plan until May 25, if you’d like.

Not all four plans are available in Europe

Now, be sure to note that not all four plans are available in Europe. In its forum post, OnePlus notes that only two plans are available for the OnePlus 8 series at the moment, in Europe.


The company highlights a Screen protection plan and Accidental Damage Protection Plan. It seems like the OnePlus Care option is not available, nor the Extended Warranty Plan. The Screen protection plan will cover your device against damages to the screen and back cover by an accidental drop, crash, or breakage for 12 months.

The Accidental Damage Protection Plan will cover your device against damages by an accidental drop, crash, breakage, and liquid. If you’d like to know more, make sure to check out the company’s post.

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro were announced last month. Those two phones are considerably more expensive than their predecessor, so including such a protection plan may not be a bad idea.