OnePlus Reveals Five Upcoming OxygenOS Features

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OnePlus has revealed five OxygenOS features that it is planning to roll out by the end of the year. All of these features have been suggested by users via the company’s IDEAS program that launched a while back.

The company received a ton of ideas for future features. It received more than 5,000 suggestions from its users in the last eight weeks. Over 2,000 comments have been exchanged with the community.

OnePlus has announced five features that are coming to OxygenOS this year

The company has confirmed the five features that it has adopted. The ‘top idea’ from users is the Always On Display (AOD). OnePlus confirmed that it expects Always On Display development to wrap up around June.


That feature will probably make its way to an OxygenOS Open Beta build soon after that, in Q3, probably. After that, you can expect it to make its way to a stable build. AOD will first hit the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, almost certainly.

Now, in terms of four other features. They include a fingerprint lock option for hidden pictures / videos in the gallery app. OnePlus will also allow its users to create folders within the OxygenOS Launcher’s app drawer.

The third feature that is coming will offer enhancements to Zen Mode. The last feature that the company has listed has to do with the battery. OnePlus will introduce a notification sound that will let you know hen the battery is fully charged.

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We do not really know when will these features become available, but they are all expected to hit stable builds by the end of the year. We at least have a time frame for the AOD feature, if nothing else.

The company also revealed which feature ideas were not adopted

In addition to confirming what ideas were adopted, the company also revealed which popular ones were not. Users have suggested a feature similar to Samsung’s DeX. In other words, they want a desktop UI when the phone is connected to a PC.

That will not happen, though, at least not anytime soon. The same goes for the edge notification light, call recording, an AMOLED dark mode, variable charging speed, and custom fingerprint animations. API support for Gcam is also not coming, and the same goes for a real-time weather wallpaper. The company listed a bunch of others that were not adopted.


OxygenOS is regarded to be one of the best Android skins out there, if not the best one. The company is constantly working on improving it, and the version on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is the best one yet.

It seems like OnePlus is planning to roll out quite a few OxygenOS features by the end of 2020, it listed five of them here, but more are probably coming that were not a part of the IDEAS program.

OnePlus will hopefully reveal more information about the upcoming features in the near future. The features we’ve listed here will probably make their way to the company’s older phones as well.