OnePlus Game Space Now Available On Google Play, New Features Included

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The OnePlus Game Space app is now available on the Google Play Store. It joins the likes of OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Gallery, and the company’s Weather app, which have been available for a while now.

OnePlus Game Space app arrives to Google Play with new features

Now, OnePlus not only added its Game Space app to the Play Store, but it also announced some new features. Before we get to it, for those of you who are unaware, this is essentially the company’s game center app for OxygenOS.

This application allows you to access all your installed games, and provides you with the latest gaming optimization features in OxygenOS. That being said, let’s see what has been added to the app.


OnePlus has added two new features to the application, Instant Games and Game Statistics. The Instant Games feature allows you to access Google Play Games’ library of Instant Games directly from OnePlus’ app.

Instant Games, for those of you who don’t know, are the games that you can play without needing to install them. You can play them by simply tapping on their icon.

The Game Statistics feature, on the other hand, will provide you with various data regarding your gaming. You’ll see your gaming time, most played game, and battery usage per day.

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This application also comes with other useful features / options. It has auto-brightness controls, notification controls, it offers display enhancements, and more. You’ll even find a Fnatic mode for eSports in the app.

OnePlus will now be able to update this app more regularly

The addition of Game Space to the Google Play Store will help OnePlus keep the app up to date as well. It will be able to push out a ton of smaller updates, regardless of firmware updates.

OnePlus has been promoting gaming quite a bit, as its smartphones are quite powerful, and great for gaming. This app has been quite popular with OnePlus users it seems, which is why it earned a listing on the Play Store.


This application does support a dark theme, and it comes pre-installed on OnePlus smartphones, which is something you’ve probably already noticed.

The app, interestingly enough, is not limited to OnePlus phones only, at least according to the Play Store. I’ve tried installing it on two Android 10-based smartphones, but were unable to do so, even though the app is available via their respective Play Store builds.

This is quite interesting. In any case, this app is aimed towards OnePlus smartphones either way. If you’d like to check out the Google Play listing, tap the icon below.


OnePlus Game Space (Google Play)