[UPDATE: It's Back] OnePlus 8 Pro Update Disabled Color Filter Camera After All


UPDATE 2: After OnePlus disabled the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera recently, it re-enabled it with the latest update. OxygenOS 10.5.10 is the update in question.

UPDATE: OnePlus has disabled color filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro with this update, but the rollout was accidental. OnePlus did not plan on rolling out this change to OxygenOS, it seems, only to HydrogenOS as previously reported. The change is now done for those that installed it (the update has been pulled in the meantime), however, and OnePlus says that it's working on amending the issue with the camera. In other words, the camera will be enabled in an upcoming update, but it probably won't be able to see through plastic and other materials any longer.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The OnePlus 8 Pro received a new update that disabled its color filter camera after all. We're talking about a global variant of the device, which received the OxygenOS 10.5.9 update.


This is a stable update, and it disabled the color filter camera despite the fact it was not supposed to. That camera was supposed to be disabled on HydrogenOS only, aka OnePlus' software for Chinese devices.

Instead of tweaking it, OnePlus temporarily disabled the 8 Pro color camera filter

OnePlus did say that it will tweak the color filter camera, so that the privacy is no longer the issue. That camera, in addition to being able to provide odd-looking photos, can also see through plastic and some other objects.

It cannot exactly see through regular clothes, but considering how many different materials are used for making clothes these days, it can see through some of them.


That managed to create quite an issue for the company, who wants to avoid any privacy-related problems. That is why the company disabled this camera. We were expecting just a tweak in its performance on global units, but that didn't happen.

The fact that the company disabled this, temporarily, should not worry many of you, though. The vast majority of people didn't really use it all that much, and it doesn't affect picture quality in general.

You can expect the company to release a new update next month (official info), though, which will return the Photochrome filter, but will not allow the camera to see through objects.


We're not sure how will OnePlus take care of this, but there is probably a software solution that can be used. We just don't know when will that happen.

That is also the only change in this update, as per the official changelog

That is also the only change in this update, by the way. The update weighs 159MB, and it is rolling out as we speak. This is a staged rollout, though, so not all of you will get it straight away.

This privacy issue aside, OnePlus really managed to create a compelling smartphone in the OnePlus 8 Pro. We're not sure how the company didn't realize this issue before, but there you have it.


The device, in general, offers top-of-the-line specs, great performance, and finally, a flagship-grade camera setup. Pictures and video from the OnePlus 8 Pro are top-notch, as we noticed in our review.

The OnePlus 8 Pro arrived alongside its sibling, the OnePlus 8, last month. The device has been available for purchase for quite some time now, though the quantities are limited in some regions at the moment.