[UPDATE: Not In OxygenOS] OnePlus 8 Pro Color Filter Camera Will Be Temporarily Disabled

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UPDATE: The OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera won't be disabled in OxygenOS after all. It will be disabled in HydrogenOS only. Do note that OnePlus intends to tweak it in OxygenOS, to sort out the privacy issue.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: OnePlus has announced on Weibo that the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera will be temporarily disabled. Do note that this will happen on HydrogenOS first, and then on OxygenOS soon after, most probably.

HydrogenOS is a Chinese version of OxygenOS, basically, and it comes without Google services. The vast majority of you probably already know that, but just in case someone doesn’t, there you go.


The OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera will be temporarily disabled due to privacy concerns

OnePlus did not specifically say that the same will happen on OxygenOS, but it probably will. Why is it happening? Well, you’ve probably seen our report that the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera can see through some objects, well, that seems to be an issue.

OnePlus sees that as a privacy issue, it seems, which is why the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera will be disabled. As already mentioned, this is just a temporary thing, as OnePlus will look to solve that issue.

That camera can see through plastic, and some other objects. OnePlus would like to disable that feature, it seems. We’re not sure how will the company do that, as that is the default side-effect of that camera.

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The main problem is that the camera can see through some clothing, it seems. Well, it can’t see through most materials, but it can see through some. Which makes it a privacy issue, and that’s probably the main reason why will it be going away.

OnePlus will probably release a statement regarding this for global users as well. That will happen before or after the color filter camera gets disabled in OxygenOS.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is the only of the two models that have that camera. The OnePlus 8 does not include a color filter camera, in case you were wondering.


Both the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro arrived last month

Those two phones were announced last month, and the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a more compelling camera package in general. It has more powerful camera sensors, and can produce better results overall.

The OnePlus 8 is nothing to scoff at, though. It includes the main camera sensor from last year’s flagship handsets, and it has been optimized really well. It cannot measure up to the OnePlus 8 Pro, though.

The two phones have already received quite a few updates. The company is trying to fix some display issues with the OnePlus 8 Pro, and has also improved the camera experience further.


You can expect many more updates to arrive to these two phones. Those two devices are the company main focus at the moment, which was to be expected.