Newton Mail Is Making A Comeback Under New Management

Newton Mail press kit image

Professional email client Newton Mail is all set to make a comeback under new management following the purchase of CloudMagic and Newton Mail by Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell. The pair made the announcement via Medium.

The future of Newton Mail includes the promise of fixed problems and the addition of new features. Among those are some of the most commonly requested features such as a dark mode, fixed Superchargers, and more. All of that will occur, alongside other changes pulling from the new owners' design-specific backgrounds. The goal, the company says, is to ensure parity with the best email clients on the market.

At least a portion of those efforts will also be given over to security and privacy. Incoming changes will not only bring everything into compliance with GDPR. It's also going to be easier to delete an account or take ownership of account-related data. A PGP-based encryption integration is in the works as well.


This is not the first time Newton Mail was saved but it should be the last

Now, Newton Mail may be best remembered by fans of Essential since it was revived by and almost died again at the hands of Essential. The latter happened when Essential decided to end support for the PH-1 and effectively shut down. But the new owners have a set of goals already in place to ensure that doesn't happen again.

As part of the above-mentioned plans for Newton Mail under new management, there will now be a contingency plan, for starters. Specifically, the goal is to avoid a repeat of uncertainty for customers. So the plan prepares for the 'worst-case scenario'. If everything falls apart or something happens to either the company or to its new owners, Newton will be taken care of.

That's because the plan is to take it open-source. The new owners also plan on finding a way to self-host servers. That should, they say, mean that Newton Mail can be supported indefinitely.

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Aside from that plan, the new owners plan to build the app to be as much an independent business as it is stable and steady. That's going to start with a "back to the basics" approach that prioritizes customer happiness. The company want's to achieve that with support from the community behind Newton Mail. As part of that, prices won't be raised. Instead, it's staying at $50 per year.

That's as compared to the up to $360 per year that some alternative professional clients charge.

At that price, support for the app will be better than it's ever been. Not least of all, the new owners are offering up their personal emails at the company — viewable at the source link above. That will, the duo says, solve problems with communication, bug fixes not being implemented, and misunderstandings regarding users' needs. Feature requests will also be accepted.


Customer support will be built directly into apps and a new "voting platform" for feature requests will be added too.

What about promotions?

On top of the price-locking measure noted above, the new Newton Mail comes with a couple of offers to entice both new and previous users away from other apps. To begin with, through May, Newton Mail will be giving current subscribers three free months. And returning users can get a 20-percent discount by reaching out for support via the '[email protected]' email.

A 20-percent discount can also be had if users sign up with a reference code from a current subscriber. The subscriber associated with the reference code will gain an additional 3 free months of Newton Mail.