New Massive PUBG MOBILE Update Includes Improved Miramar Map

PUBG MOBILE Miramar Update

PUBG MOBILE is on its way to releasing a pretty big update for the game that introduces an improved version of the Miramar map.

That's only the tip of the iceberg though. In addition to the improved Miramar map, update 0.10.0 of PUBG MOBILE will add a new new weapon for players. You'll also be able to take a long hard look at your own performance. View specific details that are aimed at helping you improve your in-game skills via the battle metrics screen.

One of the most interesting parts of the upcoming update though is the new Cheer Park location.


PUBG MOBILE Miramar update adds 'Cheer Park' social space

Online multiplayer games tend to have at least one social space. Some, like many of the MMOs out there on various platforms, have numerous social spaces.

It's games like PUBG MOBILE that you wouldn't really expect these kinds of locations to pop up. Yet, here we are. In update 0.18.0, PUBG MOBILE will introduce Cheer Park. A social space where players can meet up and interact with each other in real-time.

Cheer Park will allow players to look over one another to view their various stats and other details, meet up for teaming up and playing in various game modes, and even roast a chicken dinner together with friends after inviting them to the group.

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Players can also interact and use emotes here and just hang out if they prefer to take a break without logging out of the game. Cheer Park will be a nice addition to an already massively popular mobile title. As it could easily keep players engaged and in-game even when they're not out hunting each other down to be the last player standing.

The Miramar update lands on May 7

Aside from Cheer Park and the new and improved Miramar map, the updater has a lot more content.

For instance there's the brand-new P90 weapon. This is being added to the Arena mode, packing a magazine of 50 shots and the ability to single fire, use burst mode, or fire as a fully automatic weapon. This is an SMG after all. Full auto should be expected.


The game will also now feature a Miramar main menu theme until the next major content update following update 0.18.0 that hits this week. On the Miramar map itself, players may now run into severe sandstorms too.

This adds an element of challenge to the match that could be a detriment to players who aren't paying attention. There's also going to be Miramar-themed special events and rewards based on the Miramar theme of this update.

Royale Pass Season 13 will be part of this update as well, although it won't be going live until May 13. That pass will introduce toy-themed character outfits and items, as the theme of the pass is called Toy Playground.


Those are the bigger changes being made to the game with this update. But, you can view the full patch notes at the official PUBG MOBILE subreddit.