Motorola Razr Gets Android 10 Update, Includes New Quick View Display Features

Motorola razr image 27

Motorola has finally released the Android 10 update for the foldable Razr phone. The $1,500 phone not only came with dated specifications, but also a generation old OS. According to the company, the new Android 10 update is much more than just an incremental update.

Apart from the standard UI changes and new stock features, Motorola is also bringing a ton of features to the external “Quick View” display with this update.

It is a 2.7-inch secondary display with 600 x 800 pixels resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. The users can now access the full QWERTY keyboard to reply instantly to text messages using this external display.


Android 10 now available for Motorola Razr

The Android 10 also provides “Smart Replies” based on the context of your message. Users can simply swipe left to access favorite contacts to make audio or video calls. It now shows turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps.

Motorola also added a couple of camera features like group selfies and portrait mode while using the Quick View display. However, the 16MP camera still can’t justify its whopping price tag. The users can also access Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music without even opening the phone.

Along with all these exciting new features, the latest update for the Razr phone also brings in a slew of new Android 10 features. The foldable AMOLED display can now take advantage of the system-wide dark mode.


Several new features added to Quick View display

The device now gets improved privacy controls, gesture navigation, and better notifications controls.

The Android 10’s background activity restrictions should help to improve the Motorola Razr’s poor battery life a bit. It also offers enhanced customization with different colors and icon shapes.

The update has just started rolling out and it should hit everyone over the next few weeks. While the company seems to offer a better software experience, the hardware of the device is still flawed. Under the hood, the device is powered by a two-year-old Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform.


In the US, the 2020 Razr is exclusively available through Verizon. As of now, there is no information how long this exclusivity will last.

Last month, the company also introduced the new Blush Gold color option. The $1,500 Motorola Razr competes with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which costs $1,380 and offers better internals.

However, the design similar to the 2004 Moto Razr brings in a nostalgia factor to the foldable Razr phone. In the US, Motorola is running a limited time “buy one, get one free” promotion which brings the 2020 Razr phone price to just $750.