Microsoft Launches Surface Headphones Companion App On Google Play

Surface Audio App AH 2020

Microsoft has now been spotted launching an official app in support of its Surface Headphones 2 and Earbuds, dubbed Surface Audio. That means that with a quick trip to the Google Play Store, buyers of the new listening devices can get more out of those than ever before. Specifically, the app lets users customize the listening experience via dedicated equalizers. But this isn't only about better tuning.

The Surface Audio app additionally helps ensure usability and user-friendliness for its new headphones. The app also delivers an easy way to gain updates and access to other settings. That's on top of basic tutorials for Microsoft's listening devices.

The app is also free to download and use. So, while needing an app for deeper features isn't necessarily ideal, it's going to be well worth taking advantage of for owners of the gadgets.


How exactly does the Microsoft Surface Audio app help?

Surface Audio is, at its heart, a minimalistic approach to personalized audio and support. Launching the app immediately prompts users to get started by connecting either device. Specifically, that's the newly launched Surface Earbuds or Surface Headphones. Of course, Microsoft provides a guided tour of that process to get users going.

Once accomplished, it provides a cleanly-organized overview of the listening device in question. For instance, for Surface Earbuds, the volume level is represented. So is the remaining battery capacity for each individual bud. If there are updates available, a prominent alert is shown at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, a Settings menu icon shows next to the user's custom-assigned name for the buds.

Tapping on the Settings icon opens up a plethora of underlying options. Right at the top, Microsoft presents a run of options starting with access to a list of paired devices. Just underneath is a fully-functional equalizer for the audio playback as well as device-specific controls followed by personalization and preference options. Language Settings are included as well for those users who aren't in the US or who don't speak English proficiently.

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The final menu items are more standard fare. Users have a menu for providing Microsoft with feedback about the product and app in addition to updates. Details about the product and the app can be found just below that, followed by "Help and Tips" and a rundown of the "Terms & Privacy" policies.

All of that is presented in a clean interface that should make fine-tuning the listening experience both enjoyable and easy.

This should improve over time

This is Microsoft's first iteration of its Surface Audio app so there may or may not be some glitches. Features that some users expect may not be present just yet either. But the feedback section of the app and the fact that this is an initial release point to a good experience going forward.


Not only is everything clearly laid out without too much extra GUI to get in the way. It's also well-organized, providing a large amount of information at a glance and plenty of customization at users' fingertips despite that. So this app, like other apps, should only get better over time. And the listening devices themselves should too since there's every indication the company plans to update them as need based on feedback.