LG Working On A New Smartphone With Rotating Display: Report

LG Wing Rotating Display

LG is working on a new smartphone with an unconventional form factor. According to ET News report, this new smartphone is codenamed 'Wing' and comes with a T-shaped rotating display mechanism. It is said to sport a 4-inch square display hidden underneath the conventional 6.8-inch display.

The square display can only be accessed when the main display is rotated from vertical to horizontal orientation.

In this form factor, the smartphone will be able to offer a better multi-tasking experience. For example, the user can run the photo editing app on the main screen and the editing tools will be shown below on the secondary display.


LG Wing with rotating display to launch in the second half of 2020

LG is currently bundling the dual screen accessory with its premium smartphones. Talking about the other known details, it is mentioned to come powered by the Snapdragon 700-series 5G chipset.

The LG Wing might feature the same Snapdragon 765 Mobile Platform used in the recently launched LG Velvet. There are also chances that the chipset could be upgraded to the new Snapdragon 768G Mobile Platform.

It is basically an over-clocked Snapdragon 765G SoC with 5G support. In terms of imaging, the device will offer a 64MP triple camera setup at the rear.

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The device is said to be in the development phase and will probably hit the market in the second half of this year. LG also needs to bring in several optimizations on the software side to make the dual screen setup work without any issues.

It will adopt LG's new minimalistic design language

The device is also expected to cost around 1 million South Korean won (approx $818). Last month, the company confirmed the adoption of a new minimalistic design language for its upcoming smartphones.

We should expect the design of the LG Wing smartphone to look similar to the recently launched LG Velvet. However, we need to take these details with a grain of salt as the device is still under development.


LG is also reportedly working on a smartphone with a rollable display and will likely showcase it at MWC 2021. LG has already launched rollable OLED TVs at CES 2019. In the past, we have seen LG offering something new which no other brand has even thought of.

Even though the LG G5 had failed to generate sales, it was a true attempt by a major smartphone brand towards a true modular smartphone.

It came with several modular accessories called LG Friends. Also, the LG G Flex launched in 2013 came with flexible curved display.