KartRider Rush+ Races Past 10 Million Global Downloads


Recently KartRider Rush+ whizzed past a global downloads number of 10 million players.

Keep in mind this is the download number a mere few weeks after the game was released on May 12. To put things into perspective, KartRider Rush+ smashed its pre-registration goal of 3 million players.

That happened back on April 24. Just one week after pre-registration was live. So there were still a few more weeks before the game was launched that players were able to pre-register.


It shouldn't be surprising then that KartRider Rush+ was able to reach 10 million global downloads this soon. Because it already had at least a third of those ready to play the moment the game was released.

10 million global downloads is a big accomplishment for KartRider Rush+

10 million downloads in just a couple of weeks is definitely a big accomplishment. It might not be on the level of Call of Duty Mobile during its first few weeks, but it's a high number in that short span of time.

It seems players are pretty active, too. On any given day Nexon says there are about 3.57 million daily active players. Racing around the game's numerous amount of tracks with their favorite characters.


KartRider Rush+ is also a nice alternative to Mario Kart Tour. Which most people seem to be quick to compare it to. And quite honestly it makes sense. Given how popular Nintendo's mobile adaption of the popular series is.

Play now and earn rewards later

If you've yet to hop on the KartRider Rush+ train, now is the time. Because Nexon is going to be giving away some goodies to players. If they're quick enough.

Any players that join the game by May 31 (in just two days from now) will be rewarded with free in-game loot. This will come in the form of an L-decoder x5. Something to keep in mind though is that Nexon isn't going to be handing these out until June 2.


Basically if you join the game by the designated date but don't see your items right away, don't worry. They're definitely on the way and it just might take a little bit to reach all players.

The KartRider Rush+ twitter is also doing a contest where you can win a HyperX Charge Play Clutch for Mobile. At the same time, Android Headlines is also doing its own contest in partnership with Nexon and HyperX where you can win a HyperX Cloud MIX gaming headset. That continues until June 13, so you still have plenty of time to enter.