THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is getting its next crossover event with iconic wrestlers from WWE, including John Cena, The Rock, and The Undertaker just to name a few.

Just like with past crossover events, the WWE and KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR crossover will be a limited time event where players only have so much time to acquire the new characters. After which they will lose out on the chance to score some of the event-related rewards.

In the case of this particular crossover event, players will have until June 3 to complete everything in-game that will lead to one of the new characters. The event officially goes live on May 14, so that leaves around three weeks to participate in the crossover activities.


THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR gains six total playable WWE characters

In addition to The Undertaker, The Rock, and John Cena, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston are also joining the fight.

To get the characters in your roster, there will be numerous things to do. Some of the superstars can be obtained by completing the new WWE-themed summon banners that are in the game during this event.

There will also be a new super mission to complete for players to obtain The Rock. Meanwhile, players that want to grab Kofi Kingston will need to complete a special Rush Event Dungeon.


'The Doctor of Thuganomics' John Cena is obtainable during this event through the roulette mechanic. Though this is more of a luck sort of thing so you may or may not get the character. Which is something to keep in mind.

Past crossover events have seen characters from other video games like Samurai Shodown and Tekken 7.

Players can take control of multiple characters in a themed Time Attack mode

If you're not sure which new WWE superstar you'll like best, then you will want to try out the new Time Attack mode.


It's a special themed version for this crossover and it lets players take control of three different WWE characters while attempting to clear extremely powerful bosses in the set amount of time.

This should give players a good idea of what each character is like and how they play before they make decisions on who to choose.

Netmarble says there are several themed events planned for this crossover. So players should keep an eye out for stuff to pop up over the course of the event duration.