Is A 5G Network Worth It In The UK?

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With a 5G phone in the UK, you get to enjoy incredible speeds that will revolutionize lives, especially mobile ones. No more slow internet, slow downloads and all the frustrations that come with a slow internet. 5G takes the online experience to another level and makes things a lot easier especially in times when internet use is paramount.

What is 5G?

5G technology promises extremely high connection speeds and better reliability than 4G. It is the coming mobile network.

Movies download in seconds when using the 5G network, 5-10 minutes faster than 4G. Given the obsession of speed and impatience of current gadget users, it is bound to be accessible and well-accepted soon. Experts say that as technology matures, it will become even faster than it is now.


Among its most crucial function, 5G increases the masts carrying capacity, which allows more people to connect concurrently.

For people in densely populated urban settlements, 5G is a breath of fresh air as 4G network problems have pushed most users to the wall. You will need a smartphone with a5G modem like Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G, and Oppo Renno 5 G, among others.

But is it worth it?

Bursts of speed


Congested parts of the United Kingdom like Birmingham, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast appreciate the fast speeds, which is at least double the EE’s 4G. The speeds change with location but are still fast. Even when data is downloading at a constant rate, things happen much quicker.

5G also removes congestion effects. You can easily do what you want, when you want it, including streaming your favorite show on TV.



The United Kingdom was more prepared for the 5G than the previous 4 and 3 G networks. Compelling handsets available today handle the 5G network with ease, unlike the first ones that crippled under addition of sophisticated systems.

Just like the 4G refined version, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G can connect to an active 5G network, but only supports one sim.

EE covers more network area than you can imagine. Though not a blanket coverage, there are always patches additional 5G symbols that appear daily, which is a good sign.


Having both 4G and 5G internet is always confusing as you may not tell if you have internet or not as it swaps between the two. It is therefore hard to tell which is the fastest when trying to download music or a video.

You will experience some pains of early adoption. Besides the extra expense of about 5 pounds monthly on EE, you will get your money’s worth. Excessive heat and miserable battery life initially reported are now partially mitigated.

To Buy or Not

Buying a 5G enabled phone is advisable as users today keep handsets for longer than before. Though the benefits may not be immediate, your second, third or fourth year with the phone will reveal advantages of your choice. While future-proofing is never a sure bet, in a few years, a 4G phone will look ancient.


If you are considering to upgrade or replace your phone, going for a 5G enabled one is not only wise but cost-effective. It may look like a long shot, but you will appreciate your move in a few years. In the near future, 5G enabled phone will be the standard gadget. Digital products use the latest technology in the market, and those that will be released after the 5G may capitalize on the technology.

Another reason that you can buy the 5G phone is when you have some excess amounts to burn. It can be as a gift to self, or you have a fetish for technology. As long as you are not on a tight budget, and will not miss essential needs when you purchase one, indulge!

You can also consider the 5G network if you live with the 5G coverage and already considering high-end phones. Spending minutes waiting for a video is annoying, and if you are streaming, you will not enjoy watching anything with multiple interruptions to load. It does not hurt to have high speeds if you have the option.


Things you Need to Know Before Acquiring a 5G Phone

All 5G phones come with big screens at the moment. If you love small mobile phones, then you are not lucky.

You will need more data allowance than you may imagine. The speed and quick flow consume more than normal.


Calls, uploads of videos and photos, and related activities that are non-downloadable, all use the 4G network.

Shortly, 5G phones are likely to launch long battery life, smaller sizes and better-performing gadgets.

More players are expected to come on board offering 5G network and provide more options to users in a few years to come.

In Conclusion

Since people need phones and gadgets for different needs. However, if you are after ultra-quick phone speeds, you may want to consider it. Users who need average speed can hold on to 4G until the craze for 5G fades out.

As stated earlier, the 5G network is not available in every region as it is launched in phases. If your location is not covered, the system may be unstable or not connecting. You will enjoy it if you are within the covered regions.

Choice of phones with 5G technology is still limited. More companies will release their products soon, though.

The prices for the early adopters are inhibitive. Again, depending on why you need the 5G network phone, you may need to part with a significant amount of money. If you are not in a hurry to buy, you may want to wait until the prices fall.

There have been concerns on excess radiation emission that comes with the 5G technology. International bodies that monitor and set limits on radiation levels have declared it safe. However, you may want to wait until the coast is clear. After all, subsequent products are always improved versions of the first ones.