If You Like Black Desert Mobile, Check Out Blade & Soul: Revolution

Blade Soul Revolution

When it comes to mobile MMOs, titles such as Black Desert Mobile and Dragon Raja are some of the best, but Blade & Soul: Revolution should be on your radar. Especially if Black Desert Mobile is up your alley.

Blade & Soul: Revolution is being developed by Netmarble and was recently released in a few countries in Asia as a soft launch. The game is expected to be released in the West at some point, but right now Netmarble hasn't shared any details on its plans for the Western launch of the game.

It has said though that it will share more information on a global launch sometime soon. There doesn't seem to be any official confirmation on which Asian countries have access to the game, but it is fact available in Malaysia.


Blade & Soul: Revolution looks and feels like your typical mobile action MMO

If you've played other action MMOs on mobile recently, like the two mentioned above, then you already have some idea of what this game is like.

It looks and feels like those other titles. Graphics are very good for a mobile game, and you can even increase the graphics from the settings menu to better fit your device. If you have a top-tier gaming phone for example, then you can tune the graphics up to max.

Where the visuals and the game itself really shine is with the combat. Just like in Black Desert Mobile the combat is deeply rich with plenty of acrobatics, abilities, and gorgeous special effects.

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The game also has a fairly expanded character creator, though it still isn't as extensive as Black Desert Mobile or Dragon Raja. Both of which have some of the most extensive character creators of any mobile game out there.

Open-world gameplay plus cinematic cutscenes

The combat is certainly the best part about the game. Once you play it, you'll agree. But there are still more than a few other things to appreciate.

For instance, the cinematic cutscenes. In the beginning of the game you will get to experience at one of these, but there are many more to follow throughout the course of the game. In all there are over 150 of them.


You also have a pretty big open world to explore. Though keep in mind that when you start the game you'll get to do less exploring and will have a tutorial to go through. Which more or less holds your hand through content to help familiarize you with the game's controls and features.

There's also an auto-mode which navigates you to quest locations and quest turn-in locations. The game won't play itself at all times, but it can get you to your destinations without you controlling things yourself if you want to give your fingers a brief rest.

You can't pre-register for this game yet and likely won't be able to until Netmarble announces global launch plans. It is however easy enough to install the game properly from Google Play if you set up a Malaysian gmail account.