Home Security User Guide In Austin

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Being in a big city brings bigger problems and the same goes for Austin. Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas. It is one of the popular and fastest growing cities of U.S. However, along with the highest employment rate the annual crime rate per 1000 residents (in Austin) is 39.7. It is also reported that 65% of the burglars knew the owners personally with a weak or a strong link. 34% of the residents (of Austin) live alone. Not everyone knows your home address but there might be more people know where you live than you realize. Outside your circle, there are people who might keep track of your house, surroundings and schedule. These people can be burglars and keep a track of your time of leaving and coming back from work. In fact, it was reported that most of these burglars gained access to the address of the victim through the course of normal transactions. Home owners without home security systems were four times more vulnerable of being theft and robbed. So, one has to be vigilant and careful about home security.

Need of smart homes in Austin

Home is meant to be a safe and protected space, where you can live freely without any fears and insecurities. The need for home security in Austin is a must as the statistics show that the rate of robberies, theft and burglaries are quiet high. Every resident should take precautions and try to keep themselves safe and secure. But the question arises, which company is the best choice in Austin today? The answer can be very easy and simple, the honest one. There are few industry leading companies but market is full of scams. You just have to be vigilant while choosing the company having certain characteristics like consistent, reliable, honest, transparent (with payments), good customer care services and highly advanced home automation tech.


When we start to rely on a product/company, consistency is the first priority. If the company stays consistent and offers the similar result every time, it gains trust. Then customer can rely on them whether financially or in the terms of outcomes. The security monitoring rates of Smith Thompson have not been changed since 1978. Not only financially but our company has been providing the best security services consistently with Texas based monitoring.


Freedom of choice

Long term contracts and agreements make us feel agitated. Sometimes people start disliking a service or customer care for being too clingy. Customer should be a given a right to withdraw. The freedom of choice helps us forming better relationships especially when it comes to customer and employee. Our company provides ‘no contract’ policy where you have the right to continue or discontinue. Not only it saves our customer from the burden of long term contracts but also they tend to stick with us for longer periods of time.

Nothing to hide (transparency)

Home security system provides you care-free and peaceful lifestyle but it is crucial to choose one company out of hundreds. Few companies are falsifying their offers by adding hidden charges in the name of ‘free alarm systems’ , they add these charges in the 3 to 5 year contract. These long term contracts over charge you and you do not even realize. Later on you cannot even leave because you are bound by the contract. There should be no hidden charges and customer must be well informed about the future payment plans. This is how one can differentiate between trustworthy companies and scams. Companies with no hidden charges value honesty. The plan must show the separate charges of equipments as well as the low-cost monitoring fees.

Customer care for convenience not inconvenience

Have you ever noticed that the key to any good relationship is easy communication? One can easily rely on someone when the communication is trouble-free. Today most customer care employees talk unnecessary and try to sell unnecessary products. The actual questions are neglected and they end up wasting the time of the customer. Our company always prioritize the time and concern of our customer. The rates and plans are easily communicated over the phone.

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Advanced products

Today smart homes comprised of most advanced products include several different equipments. It is better to keep up with the present and use the latest products with improved and better results. It is good to know about these products before using them. The features and uses illustrate the benefits of any products and help us to use it in a more productive manner. One of the upscale home security products is 7” touch-screen IQ2 panel. It helps you control all the security equipments. The tablet works well with the cameras, helps disarming with touch-less Bluetooth features and makes the interaction with your smart home security faster than your smart phone.

HD outdoor/indoor Cameras help with the proper surveillance without any blurry views and confusions. On the other hand Slim line doorbell provides the advance features to attend your visitors while sitting on the coach. The Z wave smart thermostat maintains the most desirable climate inside and save a lot of money and energy. The ecological effect makes it remarkable and incredible. Smoke and heat detectors save the smart homes from disasters like fire and suffocations by alarming before time. Glass break Sensor alerts the user about any attempt to break in while Motion detector helps to detect unexpected motions in a particular area.

Moreover Home security tech is also keeping up with your old investment. The industry leading companies today not only provides you with the best equipments but also bring back your old equipments in use.


In Austin, home security system is a must today. To help guard your property in Austin, one needs a smart home. However, the overall crime in America has lowered but the odds are individually people are being burglarized every day. 22% of Americans own home security systems today and for a good reason. Researches show that one of the benefits of home security system has lowered crime rates, that’s why smart homes are far less likely to be robbed. Professional monitoring is a way to a peaceful secure environment. Be safe and get your home security system today. For more information you can check this website.