Here's What Amazon's Free-To-Play Shooter 'Crucible' Looks Like

Crucible Shooter Amazon Game Studios

Amazon has just revealed a lot more details on its upcoming free-to-play shooter 'Crucible', which is due to launch this month.

All in the matter of moments earlier this morning, Amazon revealed a first-look trailer for Crucible (a fast-paced PvP team shooter that's been likened to Riot's Valorant and Valve's CS:GO), more screenshots of the game, and it's drip fed bits and pieces of information about the characters and what the gameplay is like.

It's even pushed out the game to Steam. The store page for the game is currently live on the platform, and you can add it to your Steam wishlist.


Amazon is hoping that Crucible is a shooter that steals the spotlight

There are numerous games like Crucible on the market right now. CS:GO and Overwatch are two of the currently available options that people are still playing quite often.

Valorant is another, though this is still in beta and Riot hasn't said anything about an official release date. Amazon is hoping that Crucible is the shooter that steals the spotlight. One that's different enough that will capture the attention of gamers who like to indulge in the chaotic action of a team-based PvP shooter.

Crucible seems to have every opportunity to make that all happen. The visuals are good, it seems to have a unique spin on the genre, and of course it's not only free-to-play but it has the monetary backing of Amazon.

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Players will face off against other real opponents and adaptable environments

One of the more unique aspects of Crucible is that its game modes and matches aren't just another carbon copy of the ones you can find in typical team shooters.

Yes there's PvP against other real opponents. But there are adaptable environments as well. Players will have to defend against the attacks of other real players, but also against dangers out in the environment.

Amazon says no two matches will be the same. Probably thanks to the sort of living world that it's created for the in-game world. Running around the map taking out your enemies is one thing.


But doing that and having to worry about numerous NPC enemies is another thing entirely. Players will have to watch their backs from all sides. All while trying to maintain control of specific points around each map.

Crucible also features ten different playable heroes to choose from. All of which have their own unique abilities and useful traits. Choose wisely. Both with your character and the decisions you make in the game. Because in the world of Crucible player choice actually matters according to Amazon, and it can shape how the match plays out.

Crucible is scheduled to launch on Steam on May 20. You can find the store page here and add it to your wishlist, or just do some from the Steam launcher.