Here's Lenovo's Legion Gaming Phone With A Pop-Up Streamer Camera

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Streamer Camera 4

A new set of leaks have surfaced for the upcoming Legion gaming phone from Lenovo showing that the device comes with a pop-up streamer camera.

The device, which Lenovo has openly touted as being something that would be able to beat the competition, will also be powered by the Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm. The same mobile platform that you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices.

The Legion phone also definitely has the design of a gaming phone, but the major difference is the streamer camera.


The streamer camera on the Legion gaming phone is really just the front camera

Based on the phone's design in the leaked images, a couple of things are clear. The streamer camera is really just the front-facing camera.

Lenovo has decided to take the design and placement of the sensor and wrap it up into a pop-up piece. It's also on the side of the frame instead of at the top. You might think this is weird. But remember, this is a gaming phone.

It's obvious what Lenovo is thinking. The placement of the camera in such a way as it appears with the Legion phone is to cater to the streamer. The user who will not only want the device for its gaming prowess, but also to livestream that gameplay.

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Sure, a pop-out front-facing camera that comes out from the side is different. But it's in the perfect spot for gamers who want to livestream, as they'll mostly be holding the phone in landscape mode in popular games like PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile.

The orientation of the phone isn't the only reason why this placement makes sense. With the camera being where it is, the camera sensor is also centered when held in landscape. So it should provide a better view of the streamer during sessions.

Not to mention the streamer never really has to look off to the corner of the display like with most other front cameras. If they want to look at the camera, it's directly above the middle of the screen.


It should have a 144Hz refresh rate display

All the leaked information comes from XDA Developers, who was able to get a hold of various screenshots from marketing videos that Lenovo pushed out to its Weibo account.

Some details also come from a source of XDA's. Particularly the source is talking about some of the different specs. Like the Snapdragon 865 processor, LPDDR5 RAM, and apparently a 144Hz refresh rate display.

That refresh rate would put the Legion phone above many of the other competing devices. The only other phone out right now which has a refresh rate of 144Hz is the Red Magic 5G.


Lenovo is also rumored to be using a 20-megapixel sensor for that front-facing camera. Meanwhile the rear camera setup is said to be made of a 64-megapixel main sensor, and a secondary 16-megapixel sensor for wide-angle shots.