Harry Potter: Wizards Unite May Community Day Lands This Weekend

Harry Potter May Community Day

The May Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite lands this weekend, and it's promoting a handful of activities that players can interact with at home.

With many areas around the globe still practicing as much social distancing as possible in addition to staying at home, players of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have more than enough to do this community day.

Niantic is calling this community day a "play at home edition" which is fitting given the circumstances. It's also not the first play at home edition community day for this game. Last month's community day was a Play At Home Edition as well, while the March community day was postponed.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite May Community Day starts this Saturday

Community Day for the game this month happens on May 16, which is this coming Saturday.

With a lot of stuff to do, players will definitely have their hands full. Although community day won't be revolving around outside activities like it normally does, players do get to interact with the day's activities for a much longer period of time.

Normally the community day events only go from 11 AM local time to 2 PM local time. Things have changed a bit for the play at home edition versions of these events.

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For this month, the event will begin at 12:01 AM local time on May 16 and continue for nearly a full 24 hours. Ending promptly at 11:59 PM local time. Niantic did the same thing for April after adding in new play from home features. So players are getting 21 additional hours to participate.

Get ready to complete assignments and reap the rewards

Once the community day event begins players will be able to engage with everything the event has to offer from the beginning.

Nothing is time-gated. As for what's included, players will be able to special assignments that have varying levels of difficulty. As players progress into new wizarding challenges throughout the day, the assignments will get harder and harder.


There's also going to be increased rewards including spellbooks, scrolls, high-level runestones, and gold.

Running low on Spell Energy? Not to worry because plenty of it will be popping up on the map all day. It'll be +5 Spell Energy too so it shouldn't take too long to rack it back up.

Niantic doesn't mention how often the Spell Energy will respawn but it should be relatively quick considering this is all centered around playing at home, and players won't necessarily be be heading to new locations to find more.