Google Tweaks Stadia Web UI To Remove Minor Annoyances


Little by little Google is making Stadia better, and most recently this revolves around tweaking the web UI for Stadia to remove a couple minor annoyances found by some users.

Not everyone has had an issue with the way Stadia web UI has looked. But some users have been complaining about certain aspects of the design.

For example, the little box that pops up and says there's a headset connected. Even if there isn't. Prior to the tweaks that Google made this week, that box would cover up the links to the "store" and "home" pages.


The Stadia web UI no longer covers those links

The more noticeable change is that the store and home links are no longer covered up.

Google has slightly shifted things. So that the store link and the home link are in a bar that sits along the top of the page. Meanwhile the "headset connected"  box now pops up just below this bar. So the links are still very much visible and freely accessible.

According to users on the Stadia subreddit this was a really fast turnaround. Which suggests players are happy with how quick Google observed and got to fixing the complaints.


That also bodes well for Stadia users going forward. Because it could mean that Google will do this more often. And start to fix any other potential issues just as quickly or at least close to as quickly.

You can also now click the play button with the controller

In addition to moving the store and play links up a little bit so they weren't obscured, Google also now fixed the play button on selected games.

This doesn't seem to have been an issue on Chromecast Ultra or when playing on phones. But, when play Stadia games on the web, clicking the play button with the controller wasn't possible before just recently. Because of this users had to end up clicking the button with a mouse, or a track pad if they were playing via a laptop.


That isn't the case any more though. Now when playing games on the web you can scroll through your list of games with the controller like before, and then once you select a game you can click the button to play it without having to touch the mouse or track pad.

Earlier this year Google added wireless support for the Stadia controller when playing on the web.