Google Releases Scam Spotter Program to Curb Pandemic Fraud


Google has come up with a new scam spotter program in order to prevent the increased fraud occurring during lockdown. Phonearena broke the news of this new program which looks to tackle the growing problem. The educational program is designed to teach about the dangers of online fraud and how to avoid it. With scammers more active during lockdown, a program such as this could not come at a better time for many.

Program Based Around Three Main Teachings

Google, who recently released a new action blocks app for google assistant, has based scam spotter around three main principles. These can be found on its website The whole basis of this program is to educate those that are most vulnerable to scams. Google has encouraged individuals to share scam spotter this with elderly individuals they feel are most at risk.

The first lesson scam spotter gives is to slow down and not rush. Often scams are marked as 'urgent' in order to get you to race into giving away details. The program tells us to slow down when reading emails we are unsure about. Taking your time can easily avoid you getting into a bad situation.


Secondly, scam spotter tells us to spot check and do some research. If someone is claiming to be part of a specific institution then check this. Go out and search that what they are claiming is factual, and if it not then do not give away any details.

Thirdly, the final lesson is to stop and not send. If a payment feels fishy or insecure then just stop. It is better to be safe than sorry in these situations. Google hopes that scam spotter and these three lessons will help to educate the masses about online fraud and stop their growing business.

Online Scams on the Rise

It is hardly surprising, but as a result of many countries being in lockdown, online fraud has been on the rise. Scammers are more active trying to take advantage of more people online. Google has recognised this with scam spotter and is trying to combat it. Similar advice has been given in order to ensure people stay safe whilst using the Zoom calling app.


In a recent blog post, Google's Vice President backed this up with facts. Last year $1.9 billion was lost to online fraud. Additionally, $40 million has been stolen in conjunction with Covid-19 related schemes. This all translates to $3,600 being lost every minute.

Trying to combat this issue is an admirable move from Google. This program recommends sharing with seniors as they are hit the worst financially by online fraud. Younger groups are scammed more often but for less money so everyone needs to be aware of the threat.