You Can Now Bring Your Google Play Music Library Over To YouTube Music

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YouTube Music is finally allowing you to migrate your streaming library from Google Play Music. After two long years of painstakingly watching for this story, audiophiles and Music Lovers can rejoice.

Yes, it has been two years since YouTube Music was released. It’s been extremely frustrating for many users to jump back and forth between platforms. There has been a slow trickle of feature parity. When it launched it was the shell of what other streaming platforms were, including it’s own predecessor.

Google Play Music was starting to get long in the tooth with it’s interface. It’s broken on iOS’s dark mode. The YouTube Music app’s new interface is lagging behind on the iOS version as well. It’s currently missing the Lyrics function. Both Android and iOS have the new Explore Tab.


Small issues aside, in the coming weeks the roll out will happen on a country by country basis. Yes, another phased process.

Here are the important details: A library of 10,000 songs takes about 15 minutes to transfer. You can add up to 100,000 of your own uploads. Playlists have a maximum of 5,000 songs.  Your entire Google Play Music library as well as playlist can be transferred. This includes likes and dislikes. YouTube Music will tailor your experience based on your likes and dislikes from itself and Google Play Music. When it becomes available you can expect a prompt asking you to transfer your files.. Your bill as “YouTube” as opposed to “Google Music”. You can still purchase songs and albums through Google Play Music after the migration. They need to be transferred again.. Additionally, Podcasts from Google Play Music will be transferable to Google Podcasts

After an extremely rocky start and abysmal traffic YouTube Music is shaping up to be one of the most robust streaming services available. It now have 20 million subscribers and I can only see that number growing at a break neck pace moving forward.


From an Artist’s perspective this is very welcome. Now when we upload our Music there’s one less platform to advertise to audiences and one less profile to perfect.

If you have a Google Play Music or YouTube Music plan that granted you free access to YouTube Premium, you should retain it after the switch.

It’s available now for $9.99 a month.