Say Goodbye To Terrible WiFi With This Nest WiFi Deal, Just $239

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Amazon has a really great deal on Nest WiFi right now, allowing you to get a two-pack for just $239. That is going to save you $60 off of the regular price. And you'll be able to improve your WiFi, saying goodbye to that terrible WiFi coverage and/or speed.

Why does it improve your WiFi? Simple. It's a mesh WiFi network. Which means that it is able to intelligently move devices around to the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz networks, as needed. It also can expand your coverage without decreasing the speed of your network, like a signal repeater or extender might do.

This is particularly useful if you have a lot of smart home devices connected to your network. As it is going to be able handle more connections, without weighing down your network. And prioritize laptops and computers over your smart doorbell. Which doesn't need as much bandwidth as your laptop does. In fact it needs coverage more than bandwidth, so it'll be on the 2.4GHz network while your computer would be on the 5GHz network.


Nest WiFi can be completely controlled by your smartphone too. In the Nest WiFi app, you can set up your network, change your password, check your data usage and even turn on a guest network. Which can be useful if you are having people coming over. On top of that, you can easily share your network password with the app, allowing others to jump on if need be.

It's a really easy to use router and definitely worth picking up for that reason alone.

This is a two-pack, so you can put the other Nest WiFi anywhere in your home and blanket your home in WiFi.

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You can pick up this two-pack of Nest WiFi mesh wireless routers from Amazon in this deal by clicking here. 

Nest WiFi - Amazon - $239