Google Is Donating 10,000 Nest Cams To Hospitals

Nest Cam Indoor

Google is donating 10,000 Nest Cams to hospitals, to help them check up on patients during this pandemic.

By having Nest Cams available to watch patients, it means that hospitals don't need to send nurses and doctors in as often. And that will save on PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. That's a good thing, seeing as there is a shortage on PPE right now. Not to mention this keeps nurses and doctors safer. And that's always a good thing.

Nest Cams are HIPAA Compliant too

According to Google, these Nest Cams are also HIPAA compliant, which is super important. As these cameras could be uploading medical information to the cloud. But Google says that won't be happening with these Nest cams.


Mount Sinai, who worked with Google on this pilot program, explained how these cameras work. There are two cameras in more than 100 rooms in Mount Sinai. One camera is used to monitor and communicate with patients. While the other one is monitoring their vitals. So doctors and nurses are able to quickly see what's going on.

The video from these cameras are livestreamed to a "purpose built console" which is located in Mount Sinai nursing stations. The hospital made sure to emphasis that Google will not store this footage and does not have access to it. That might not be enough to get people to approve of Google donating these Nest Cams to hospitals around the country, though.

This is just the latest Google has done to help during this pandemic

Google is doing more than just helping medical professionals to keep an eye on their patients.

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Google has also set aside funds to help support the many small businesses which are affected by the pandemic.

Google is also working with Apple to build a contact tracing solution, which is going to help aid steps out of the current lockdowns around the world. The contact tracing is here to help governments trace where hotspots of COVID-19 might be popping up. So they can help combat it, before it becomes a big issue.

While there's only so much that Google can do during this pandemic, but it is doing a good job of helping the essential workers out there, as well as small businesses. And it has also improved its video chat service, Google Meet, as more and more people are working from home and needing to do video calls with co-workers and others right now. Since we are all stuck at home.