Google May Reopen Some Of Its Offices Starting July 6

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Google is looking to start bringing some of its employees back to work physically, as it plans to reopen some of its offices starting July 6.

What’s more is that if things go well it will open up even more offices. So long as things continue to improve and the company feels safe about the conditions of the work environment following the closures due to COVID-19.

Google already has some offices open according to Sundar Pichai. Earlier on May 26, he stated that as long as conditions allowed the company would look to open more buildings in more cities. So this isn’t just limited to its major office. Google did not specify which cities would open some of its buildings back up though.


Google may reopen offices in July but won’t allow full capacity right away

If Google’s plans carry forward, then some employees will be back at work on Google grounds in a little over a month.

However Google will not allow all employees back into the buildings right away. When and if the offices open back up on the scheduled date Google will begin with only 10-percent of the staff.

With the goal of increasing that percentage to as high as 30-percent of the office capacity by September if conditions allow for such a thing. What that tells you is a few things. One is that Google isn’t looking to rush everyone back into their offices and cubicles.


It wants to start things slow to make sure that it isn’t going to worsen the situation. It also showcases that Google is thinking about its employees here.

Only some employees are actually needed back in the office

Even though Google is looking to get things going again, not all employees are going to be needed on grounds.

Pichai says that a limited number of employees are actually needed back in the office. And that supervisors would contact anyone who that happens to be via email by June 10.


However, it was also noted that anyone who wants to be back in the office after some of them are opened back up, will be allowed to do so on a limited basis. Meaning they probably won’t be able to be back in the office all the time like before until capacity is allowed to be back at 100-percent.

Google will of course prioritize those that need to come in first. And any remaining capacity could be filled in by other employees who may want to be there as well. This is a lot different from some tech companies who have stated that their employees can continue to work from home forever. Such as Twitter.