Google Duo Is Coming To The Web, In The Coming Weeks

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Google Duo will finally be coming to the web…in the coming weeks.

This is according to a blog post that Google published on Friday, among a few other features coming to Duo. Stating that “you’ll be able to make group calls with Duo on the web, starting as a preview on Chrome”.

Google also says that there will be a new layout that is going to allow you to see more people at the same time.


This is a feature that we have long waited for, with Duo. As most people are making video calls from their laptops these days.

Google Duo adds Family Mode and more masks & effects

On top of announcing Duo for the web, Google is also announcing a few more things for Duo today.

There’s a new family mode that is going to allow you to doodle on video calls for everyone to see. You can also surprise them with some fun effects and masks. These can transform you into cats, dogs and much more.


To start a video call with your family, just tap the menu icon and then tap family to get started. You won’t need to worry about accidental mutes or hang ups, since they’ve hidden those buttons while you’re playing together.

Speaking of new masks and effects, there are coming to one-on-one video calls too, on both Android and iOS. They will be arriving this week, and offer a Mother’s Day theme, since that is on Sunday.

Google Duo is rolling out more effects and masks that will help you express yourself. These include wearing heart glass and transforming into a flower.


Duo is gaining more features as more and more people rely on video chatting

As we all adjust to this new normal of social distancing, we are relying more and more on video chatting. And many are using Google Duo since it is pre-installed on most Android smartphones – and it’s also available on iOS.

Google has noticed this and has been working diligently on adding more features to Duo as well as Google Meet and Chat. As its user-base has skyrocketed in the past two months, as one might expect.

It’s good to see this actually, as these are all features that Google Duo should have had all along, to be honest. But it’s never too late, we guess. Google Duo is also one of the few video chatting services that offers end-to-end encryption on all calls automatically.